Due.com Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton was asked to provide his definition of content marketing for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog along with 24 other experts who each offer a unique perspective of this critical component of online marketing. In defining what successful content marketing means, John noted that it involves “communicating effectively, making connections, engaging your audience, inspiring customer action, and providing something of value to your fans or followers.”

The definitions of content marketing provided a diverse look at content marketing, illustrating the different ways that it is viewed and leveraged to drive web traffic, enhance brand equity, and influence target audiences. It also involves all types of content in various forms, including written and visual, to achieve these strategic objectives. You can read the original article here to get a comprehensive understanding of what content marketing means.




My focus as a copywriter, writer, and editor involves working with customers around the world on search marketing, SEO, manuscripts, marketing communications, public relations, academic writing, business writing, resumes and professional writing, social media, and editing and proofreading. I love helping people online.

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