More companies realize that customers want to buy products and services online, which means they need to find a top online payment processing provider to help. HubSpot published an extensive article on the value of online payment processing providers, what they offer, and what to look for in an online payment processing partner. Additionally, HubSpot […]


Banks, financial institutions, and multinational service providers are just beginning to realize the true benefit of fintech. As they further their strategies to integrate fintech solutions now available, there will be many opportunities to establish strategic relationships that involve fintech startups, fintech businesses, and these organizations. In sharing the thought leadership of others in the […]


Since mobile payments are constantly listed among the trends for retailers and businesses to serve consumers and business customers, it’s important that a startup add this strategy to their business as they set up their operations. LeapRate has put together a list of some of the top mobile payment systems for startups based on criteria […]


While many businesspeople participate in social media and have profiles on social networks, not every entrepreneur does so actively as some that truly understand the power and potential these channels hold. AdWeek put together a list of 25 socially strong entrepreneurs that use social networks to enhance their personal and company brands, share their thought […]

Credit Card Processing Services for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are realizing the benefits of accepting credit cards but are often concerned with the cost involved, especially since they may not process as many transactions as larger businesses. However, with the interest from small businesses, more credit card processing services have emerged that cater specifically to this market segment with comprehensive, compliant, […]

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