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Due is an online invoicing and payments company. While working with my team here at Due, I had been looking for a solution that would help to easily organize API Calls. The developers wanted to instantly automate API testing into a simplified integration with the best used code languages. That’s when I heard about the Postman Run Button.

Developers have high competence in coding in Java, Python, Go, and PHP to name a few. These codes were the ones we wanted to optimize for our customers. We wanted to add an overall feature for our existing clients who were asking for a more comprehensive set of payment features.

Adding this set of payment features to our already competitive suite of options would provide us with the competitive advantage for which we had been watching. We were looking to differentiate our technology — and we have now been able to enhance this distinction through the Postman Run Button.

The Postman Run Button

That’s when I discovered Postman Run Button. This solution button makes it easy for our partners to test how well their integration will work with our options. This Run Button gives us the ability to provide our customers with a high degree of quality user experience.

The Run Button also allows us to offer a unique Due API. This API ability can helps other customers to develop an online payment processing tool. This processing tool can be for use on their own websites.

The finest feature to us is that we are confident more customers will be using a secure payments system. The added payment options will attract more customers who are seeking the benefits of additional choices and security.

Example of Features

Our new and existing customers can now add numerous payment features to their websites and e-commerce stores. This will include all aspects of the handling of a transaction.

The Postman Run Button assists in creating and updating customer files. The Button receives differing variations in payment options and will aid in the transactions such as the charging of credit or debit cards.

This button loads the API endpoints with the correct environment details. It then provides insights where the testing has found issues that need addressing. Each step in the transaction process has to work seamlessly, so it became infinitely important to find a solution that would function the way we needed.

Nowadays it is essential to link endpoints and workflows so that an API can be integrated by our customers at a much faster rate. Speed is crucial to the modern consumer.

A Competitive Advantage for Due

For Due, this Run Button has provided a way to offer a simplified process. The button only requires a few lines of code. This makes it easy for a small business owner who might otherwise not been able to apply it. Many small e-commerce stores have been stalled because they don’t have the technical expertise on hand to take payments.

Instead, Postman has delivered a user-friendly way to access customized payment processing options that work with an existing store. In turn, this has helped Due to attract more customers. Customers can enjoy the easy and secure integration of the payment process. These options are in addition to those our customers already appreciate.

This Run Button has helped us take the lead in the payment processing industry. We are proud to be of assistance in this way as well, by providing our customers the use of our customized API.

This addition to our benefits includes even more payment options. Ahead of the various other payment companies — we will continue to strive to bring you the best and safest options we can deliver, including accepting cryptocurrency.

Future Benefits of Using Postman’s Run Button

Our outlook for the future is bright for the safety and security of our customers. We will continue to use the Run Button for other projects as well, as we build out our platform.

By using and testing all available governed options, we will seek other ways to enhance and update security. Hence, we will implement new designs and devices as they become available.

Customers around the world use Due payment solutions. We work to provide more features that address the growth in global payment acceptance methods. Furthering the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment option has helped many feel safer with their purchases that are global.

Therefore, Postman has been an invaluable partner for Due. We look forward to working with Postman as they test and secure benefits and options for our customers as we move into the online payments future.


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