Early in your freelancing career, your time is likely valued close to $0. At this stage, you’re focused on finding clients and making a name for yourself. When no one knows who you are, you can’t possibly think your time is worth much. So don’t expect to have much of a value for your time […]

Growing your Business at Events

When I started my blogging business back in 2010, there weren’t many in-person networking events filled with either prospective clients or people just like me. Fast forward a few years and now it seems like these kinds of events are popping up everywhere – from blogging conferences to freelancer co-working days. I also admit that […]

When you first start your business, there is a good chance you’re bootstrapping. You end up doing a lot of things on your own and looking for creative ways to save money. DIY business solutions seem like the clear winner for many entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves. However, at some point, it becomes necessary to looking […]

Many people romanticize the idea of location independence as a freelancer. They envision Boba Fett from Star Wars. He was a freelancer. He was super cool. His spaceship could go anywhere. I bet he didn’t have a mortgage. Yes, being a location independent freelancer can be pretty awesome. It’s pretty incredible when you can work […]

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable markets to trade. The crypto markets can be a wild roller coaster of volatility which has the potential for big gains and losses. Crypto Trading is a zero sum game, which means that not everyone can be a winner. In fact most traders lose money and only a […]

The bigger my business gets, the more it costs. This is a common thing I hear among freelancers of all kinds as they build their businesses from zero to six figure revenue. Many of these costs are unexpected freelancing expenses that we didn’t account for when we first started our businesses. How could we? Half […]

One of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur is what business structure you will choose. It can have tax implications, and the way you prepare your taxes can impact how much money you have after Uncle Sam takes his cut. What Business Structure Do You Have? As you consider how to […]

A Private Decentralized marketplace is an emerging trend that is impacting the traditional online marketplace that has been dominated by companies like Amazon and eBay. Instead, buyers and sellers are opting to deal directly between each other to bypass expense fees and having centralized markets collect their personal and financial data by using blockchain technology. […]

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