“Nobody was ever meant to remember or invent what he did with every cent.”

– Robert Frost
Perhaps the most wasteful way to spend a life or career is to chase money for money’s sake. If one chases the idea, then money will follow; but when you flip the course, the ideas never seem to follow. In the end, people don’t remember what they spent their money on, they remember their greatest personal achievements, and the love and experiences that come secondarily to the money spent. Likewise, people don’t create products or businesses for the sole purpose that it will sell, otherwise it will never sell because it likely isn’t a great product or idea. When your mind is weighed down by nickels and dimes, nothing good can ever come of it, and the space in which you could have come up with world-changing ideas will have been wasted.


My name is Jessica and I am a fanatic about inspirational quotes that help people become better. If I'm helping you become better, I've done my job!

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