Miguel de Cervantes – Never Stand Begging

Miguel de Cervantes - Never Stand Begging

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.”

– Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes, a Spanish poet and playwright in the turn of the 16th century and writer of Don Quixote, spent his life much like we are accustomed to now, hopping occupation to occupation before finding a comfortable lifestyle as a professional creative.

He was a chamber assistant to a cardinal, a soldier, captured by pirates, a purchasing agent for the Spanish Armada, and then a tax collector before settling into literary glory. It was his years of work and engagement with the real world that truly helped pay off in the rich textured scenarios and fully fleshed characters he could create and put to paper.

In the end, it wasn’t simply glory that he had the power to earn, it was relatability and the ability to follow his own passions – and none of those things can be given by begging.