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Important: If you’re accessing this tutorial, you have already requested access to use the Due Payments API. If you haven’t already done so, you can access that tutorial here. 

If you’re looking to integrate your online store with Due to accept payments, you’ll need to setup a Due SandBox account for testing. The SandBox environment uses mock data and is solely used to test your integration and our platform.

The staging environment should only be used if you’re looking to integrate your online store with Due payments and have already enabled payments and requested access to use our payments API. If you haven’t done so, here are the tutorials for each:

Once you enable payments and request access, we will ask you to setup your account in SandBox. This tutorial will show you how to setup and use our SandBox environment.


1. Go to stage-app.due.com/register to Create Your Account

When creating your account in our staging environment none of the data matters. In order to keep track of SandBox accounts however, we recommend that you use the same email that you used for your Due production account.


2. Auto-Enable Payments in Settings

Once you click ‘Auto Enable Payments’ the settings will automatically be filled in with mock data. Once the data is filled in, go to the ‘Payments’ section in your settings and go through the process to enable payments just as you did for your production account.


3. Use SandBox Credentials for Integration and Testing

After you successfully enable payments, you can generate your SandBox API key and App ID. Use both of these to integrate with your online store so you can begin testing.

Once you’ve finished testing, you can refer back to the original tutorial here.



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