We all develop bad habits at some point during our lives. As an entrepreneur, those bad habits can sap your productivity and ruin your creativity. Overcoming bad habits isn’t easy, but it is possible — and it can be good for your business. Here are five habits that might be slowing you down: 1. Multitasking […]

Entrepreneurs are known for their obsession with working hard to reach success. However, just because you’re a hard worker, it doesn’t success will automatically follow. In fact, you might be working too hard — to the point that you’re overworked and burning out. Many entrepreneurs brag about how much they work, wearing their 80-hour workweeks like badges. […]

One of the terms we hear a lot is “work life balance.” But what does that actually mean? How do you manage a work life balance as you try to start a business or change careers? It’s not always easy. Plus, like so many things in life, it comes down to your individual preferences and what […]

One of the best ways to attract success to your life is to become an attractive person on the inside. Self-improvement can go a long way toward helping you if you want to improve business success. You might be surprised at how helpful it can be to work on your own self-improvement as you work […]

There are times that life gets messy and things don’t as you expected. Last year, my husband of more than 13 years asked for a divorce. I moved across the country with my son and tried to rebuild my life. Now I have a certain amount of emotional baggage. There times that I didn’t handle […]

As a business owner, you know that motivation is one of the keys to a becoming a successful entrepreneur. Finding that motivation can be hard some days. I know that I struggle with motivation at times. If you are trying to find motivation in your own business and life, here are some tips to help you […]

We hear a lot about multitasking, and trying to accomplish as much as possible at once. However, the reality is that multitasking isn’t really effective for most people. In many cases, multitasking involves divided attention, and can actually reduce your productivity. Instead of trying to do more than one thing, you might be better off […]

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