End Your Day On A Positive Note

We hear a lot about the importance of getting your morning off to the right start. But let’s not forget about the end of your day. How you settle in, and the way you manage your evening routine can also have an impact. Think about it: your bedtime routine — the way you wind down […]

Technology is bringing more opportunities for businesses to expand. One way you can take advantage of technology is to hire workers from various locations. I recently began working for a company that doesn’t have a physical headquarters. All the employees live in different cities. This flexibility is great for me and for others with a […]

Just like every other business out there, freelancing requires a lot of work. In fact, freelancing goes beyond conventional work. You get to choose when, where and how to work, and it’s this liberty that determines how long you can go in terms of being productive. To sustain your freelancing career and avoid burnout in the long […]

Time To Scale Up your business

Who couldn’t use a little more time to scale up your business? Once your business gets off the ground, you’ll find it practically impossible to do every little thing yourself. Outsourcing becomes a necessary time saver and also becomes your lifesaver. Getting to the next level with your business means you have to make some changes […]

In America, we tend to value workaholism. We often admire someone who works long hours and talk about how amazing it is that someone is a “machine.” But is it really best for you and your business? Research indicates that overwork harms your overall productivity and can even cause problems for your business. Chances are, instead […]

Time. It’s a valuable asset that most freelancers and business owners never seem to have enough of. When I started working for myself, I had no idea how much time I’d spend on work-related tasks so I focused on tracking time for the entire first month. Here’s what I found out. 1. It’s Difficult to Be […]

Top Time Tracking Companies

From freelancers to small business owners to companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, time becomes a critical data point that must become better managed in order to get more done, make more money, and maintain budgets. However, time is something that we often find challenging to track given the fact that we multitask so […]

make more money mobile store

Everyone wants to make more money in less time. It is common to track and analyze a wide variety of key performance indicators that affect profit over time, but ironically time is often not one of them. Do you know how you spend your hours and how well they are spent? Where do you achieve […]

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