Plans For Businesses Of All Sizes We now have paid plans that give users access to Due Projects, Time Tracking, Expenses, and more advanced features. We still provide free plans with limited access and a max of 3 clients. These paid plans will allow us to put more resources towards improving our business tools and […]


Selling online used to require extensive technical knowledge. You needed to know how to code your own store, process payments, and more just to get started. That doesn’t take into account managing products, inventory, and finances required to run a business. But today, WordPress makes it easy and extremely affordable to open an online store. […]

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It’s easy to dismiss trends because they either aren’t affecting you yet or you believe will never affect you. We don’t blame you. You’re smart for thinking that. But there are some things that need to be given attention. They are things that are transforming the way business is conducted. As you’re aware, you must […]

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Look at any sports team worth following and they all have one thing in common: Coaches. There are a lot of similarities between running a business and running a team. Like an effective coach in sports, an effective business coach can help business owners put the strategies, systems, and processes in place that will grant […]

Accepting Level 3 Payments

While most of the focus in late 2016 was on the chaotic U.S. Presidential election, there was a tremendous amount of activity on the economic front as well. Job growth surged as the year came to a close, and the markets roared back to life as well.  This, along with the presence of an incoming […]

Customer Experience as a Freelancer

When you are working with people’s money, they hold you to a very high standard. There is no industry under more scrutiny than finance. And there is no one with more on the line than financial technology startups, known commonly as a FinTech startup. If you are interested in the world of FinTech or RegTech, […]

Imposter Syndrome

When you’re running your own business, fear pops up more often than you’d like. It takes guts to turn a dream into reality, and fear likes to try and stop you. We tell ourselves all kinds of negative things- I’m not good enough, I’m not the one who should be doing this. That’s imposter syndrome, […]

Now that you’ve decided that starting a home-based business service is the right choice for you, you’re excited and love to think about setting your own schedule, naming your business, selecting a cool looking logo — the fun stuff right? And then maybe the overwhelm hits because there are so many things to think about. […]

If you have international clients, then you will want to take advantage of our handy currency converter. At the top of your screen are a number of buttons one of which has a dollar sign on it. Here’s what you can do with it: Click on the dollar sign. Here you will add the amount […]

PayPal has become a preferred for many to exchange money for goods and services online, so it only makes sense to integrate it into your online invoicing platform. Thanks to Due.com, this integration is seamless and takes just minutes to complete. Here are the steps on how to put your PayPal in your invoices: Go […]


Wiktionary gives 12 different definitions for the word, support, illustrating its varied meaning in business and life. The meanings range from serving as a complement or supplement to and providing answers or action when there is some type of problem like a technical issue to the context of fiscal assistance to the ability to stop something from falling to the idea of offering a service role in a business setting. Within the idea of support is the idea that one thing or person needs some type of help that can be provided by another thing, person, or team. This creates a relationship where communication and action take over to fill that need for assistance.

Our goal is to support our customers as best we can and, in return, we know that they will continue to support Due and get others to do the same. We created the Due online invoicing system with the sole purpose of helping as many freelancers and other types of business owners as we can. This has involved not only developing a superior solution that we continue to enhance with additional features, but it has also meant giving the basic online invoicing system away for free while other plans are competitively priced.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in the technical support we offer customers when they have an issue or question about their Due account. Our technical support is easily accessible and available on many platforms. The tech support team is also highly knowledgeable and friendly, knowing that you just want to get back to business and get those invoices out to clients quickly to keep the cash flowing

Lastly, we offer support through our Due blog and the multiple categories that cover all aspects of business to support the growth and success of your business. As part of that assistance with your learning curve, we have created the Support category of articles on our blog that addresses all aspects and features of our online invoicing system. First, we offer a complete guide on the Due solution, which is laid out like a tutorial with screenshots and examples of how you can put this powerful invoicing system to work in your business.

Second, we break down each of the features within our online invoice system and explain how it works and why it will help your business. Here are some of the topics covered in this Support category:

  • How to sign-up for a Due account and send your first invoice.
  • How to setup a new client or add staff to these databases.
  • How to reset your password.
  • How to attach files to an invoice or add multiple contacts to an invoice.
  • How to send monthly recurring invoices.
  • How to integrate BaseCamp and Due as well as incorporate a API key for BaseCamp.
  • How to generate reports and use the dashboard.
  • How to do handle payments, such as bank transfers, an American Express payment, PayPal and transaction costs associated with accepting credit card payments.

As new features and functionality is added to the Due online invoicing solution, we will add new articles that support your use of this ideal tool for freelancers and small business owners.

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