In small business, it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know, but in today’s global economy it takes both. One must be able to navigate through both the chaos of personal challenges and market changes to achieve their dreams. Below are 10 delegating and networking tips for small business owners. Acknowledge the Limitations […]

Legal Services

Tax time is a good time for transitions, and that includes your occupation as well. These days, people are working in their own businesses more than ever before. Starting your own home-based business can be lucrative and fulfilling; it also presents some unique legal challenges that you may not have considered when working as a […]

home office

At long last, the 21st century has arrived in full force. There are driverless cars, armed flying robots, and virtual reality. So is it finally time your company joined the 21st century and went paperless? A paperless office can make your company more efficient, help your employees collaborate more effectively, and ultimately, make you a […]

Discover how you spend your days

Being a Founder or a part of a startup is like taking on a new identity. Charting new territory and building a whole new enterprise requires an entirely new skill set. As the founder and potentially CEO, your customers, team, and investors all rely on you for direction and vision. Scary? Yes. Excited? Can be. […]

Most business owners disregard these signs… until it’s too late. If you are like most business owners, you’ve occasionally found yourself wondering what your life would be like without the stress and hassles inherent to business ownership. Perhaps you are facing personal challenges, such as divorce, a death in the family, or other issues that […]

How much are you willing to pay

A company’s competitiveness, and at times its very existence, is dependent on the hard work and strong performances of your employees. Motivating your employees to operate at peak level is therefore one of the most important and most challenging issues facing management today. One technique that managers use to optimize employee performance is by offering […]

Most of us, if given half a chance, would prefer to work from the comfort of our home. And these days, as the number of self-employed people is increasing exponentially, more and more of us are making that dream a reality. And while some people can get by and do their job with a laptop […]

Current and Capitalized

At LendIt USA, CEO Scott Sanborn shared that his team at Lending Club uses a manual process to dynamically price loans. Unsurprisingly, some loans are more sought after than others, but matching the pricing with demand is a labor-intensive process. With AI and machine learning, Lending Club and other online lenders may be able to […]

How to Protect Your Business

In any business, employees are everything. A company lives or dies in a large part on the strength of its employees. Recruiting talent is therefore one of the most important things that a management team does. While this has long been the case, the ways that companies find the best talent have changed considerably over […]

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