What is Depreciation

When businesses buy a large asset for their company, it gets a place as an asset on the balance sheet. But the accounting that happens behind the scenes is much more important than lines on an accounting statement. What is depreciation? How does it impact my business? Depreciation impacts your current year business profitability. How […]

Hire Your First Employee

I started my first blog in July 2006, but it took over two years until I really started to look at my online endeavors as a business. I founded my main website, Personal Profitability, in October 2008. In the years since it has led to opportunities to earn more and leave my full-time day job […]

growing your money

As a business owner, you have worked really hard to open and keep open your business. But does it matter? Do you think it’s successful or is it really successful? How is that quantitatively measured? Here’s how to test… People evaluate success in different ways but having a successful for-profit business depends on having more […]

planning for the future

Being successful in event planning can largely depend on if you focus your marketing on a unique segment of the market. Try not to make the common mistake that event and wedding planners make in trying to serve every client. This does not mean that you will not provide your service to clients who are […]

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