how to grow your startup online

Do you have dreams of starting a company and being a successful entrepreneur? It’s a good dream to have. Share your idea with the world. Do what you love. Make some money on top of it all. But as you get ready to unleash your startup on the world, it’s important to keep a few […]

time managment for freelancers

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a powerful online platform that powers much of the internet’s infrastructure. In fact, when AWS experiences a problem, it can seem like half of the internet doesn’t work! Just a few months ago a major AWS outage took down countless websites, including some resources I use for my own […]

easy support

For any business, big or small, customers are your lifeblood. Moreover, retaining the customers you already have is often as important as the marketing efforts you undertake to find new ones. In many businesses, loyal returning customers can account for 55 to 70 percent of total sales. Retaining good customers can, therefore, lead to greater […]

world payments

Buffering. Is there any more frustrating word to see on your computer or phone screen? While in the days of dial up and DSL that word was ubiquitous with slow internet speeds, in the age of high speed internet it is more likely your slow loading times are coming from the data provider rather than […]


President Trump is not alone in pointing his finger at immigrants and trade as a source of job losses in the United States, but according to science and economics, he is pointing his finger in the wrong direction. According to a recent study at MIT, industrial robots eliminated 670,000 American jobs from 1990 to 2007. […]

personal success online

Capitalism in Action: Efficiency In business schools around the world, M.B.A. candidates are prepared to return to the corporate workplace, armed with tools to make business more efficient. Finance makes the most efficient use of funds. Marketing aims to bring the most efficient return on capital invested. Management attempts to make the most efficient use […]

easy support

Silicon Valley is an HBO comedy about a Silicon Valley startup called Pied Piper. While this comedy show is a hilarious work of fiction, there are some very real business lessons startups and hopeful entrepreneurs can learn while watching. Here are a few important lessons star characters Richard, Erlich, and the rest of the gang […]

cash only

For most companies, managing debt is a serious issue, and the data bears it out. Over the past year, an average of 25,000 American businesses went bankrupt each month, often due to their inability to repay their debts. For small businesses, the stakes are often high, and the margins between breaking even and incurring a […]

Credit cards encourage impulse buying

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to grow your business online, then you’ve likely come across the idea of using webinars as a means to increase business sales. Some people jump into webinars right away. Others, like myself, are a little hesitant to use them simply because it doesn’t seem like its our […]

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