As a new entrepreneur just getting started, it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. It can also be hard to figure out what your startup needs to thrive and grow. A business coach can help you take your startup to the next level. Here are some of the reasons getting that […]


In any business venture, there is one quality that can improve or ruin your business. And, it might not be what you think. Whether you are developing a passive income through real estate or an online business, credibility can be a key factor in bringing in more sales or securing that client. If you have […]

financial habits

We hear the stories about entrepreneurs. How great the life is. And it can be pretty great. But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there are myths about entrepreneurship that make it seem more glamorous than it really is. Before you decide to jump in and give over everything to start a business, […]

How many employees and clients does the platform accommodate

Establishing company culture is one of the most important things you can do as a startup. Your company culture carries over to your employees and to your customers. Additionally, the culture you develop can also impact your public face. Over time, company culture becomes a defining attribute. After a while, a poor company culture can […]

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A lifelong learner is one who takes the opportunity to learn through all kinds of situations whether they’re formal or informal learning circumstances. When you’re eager as well as hungry for knowledge, you’re more likely to excel in your chosen craft. It’s vital that you invest in yourself when setting goals, so that you can […]

A New Era in Wallets

Many of us don’t like spending money, even if it is for the business. It can be especially hard to get excited about spending money when you are bootstrapping your business. However, every startup needs to spend money on a few things. You really do need to spend money to make money. Here are five things […]


In a recent article, I mentioned how I recently made a huge sales mistake by not offering pre-sale pricing for a high ticket offer I’m debuting later in the summer. The good news is I learned my lesson and sold half of the available seats even before actually starting a launch period. In this article, […]

Singapore is beating the whole world at Fintech

Anyone who’s used an online payment system, applied for a business loan, or any other bank service, would agree that the world’s financial sector badly needs an overhaul for efficiency and innovation. Some nations, like Singapore, experience more difficult issues than others, but the inconveniences are pressing them toward solutions that could be applied globally. […]

millennial working

Running a startup company is one of the most demanding jobs out there, but is nonetheless the very essence of the American dream; millions of Americans fantasize about being their own bosses. Coming up with an unbeatable idea or product, and raking in the big money. However, even for those entrepreneurs with the audacity to […]

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