One of the terms that has come into popular use in recent years is “lifestyle business”. But what is a lifestyle business? And do you want to start one? Lifestyle Business One of the simplest descriptions of a lifestyle business is that it’s a business you start to enable you to live the life you […]

Somewhere along the line, we become safe when we set goals and work toward the future. We stop stretching ourselves in order to avoid failure and “be realistic.” But are these actions really helping you succeed? Are there ways you could improve your business (or even your life) by trying to go a little farther […]

One of the realities of life as a business owner is that at some point you need money to establish your venture, or to grow it. There are plenty of advantages to bootstrapping your business, but at some point it makes sense to start raising funds for your startup. Before you dive into the world of […]

One of the questions I often ask myself is, “Why?” This is a question I ask myself before I make many purchases, and it’s one that I return to when I think about my work schedule and what matters to me in terms activities related to my life. As you think about why you want […]

We’re crossing over the six-month mark of 2016. Half the year has gone by, your taxes for the second quarter have (hopefully) been paid and things are a little slow as people head out on vacation. This makes it the perfect time for you to do a mid-year business review. I used to avoid mid-year […]

One thing I often hear from coaching clients is the sheer overwhelm they have regarding business structures. They feel like it’s an uphill battle to learn about sales funnels, CRMs, online marketing, legal matters, accounting, and business management. To make things more interesting, many of them think that because they are “creative” and didn’t get […]

If you want to be successful with your business, it’s important to build your credibility. Customers like to know they can trust you. Startups can have a hard time building credibility because they are so new. If you want to increase your chances for long-term success as a new business, you need to find ways […]

tips for startup success

You have a great idea. You are ready to use that idea to make money. If you want startup success, you’ll need to work hard and create a roadmap to your ultimate destination. As you work toward startup success, here are six tips that can help you make the most of your time, effort, and […]

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