The internet continues to transform everything we do, including how we work. Fortunately, not all of the web-based applications out there will deplete your bank account. There are a growing number of resources and applications on the internet that are innovative, effective, and absolutely free. These tools can enhance your business at no cost, help […]

Fundraising is vital for business owners. Without funding, it’s difficult to get your business off-and-running, along with helping it grow. On the flip side, sometimes funding can get in the way and actually hurt your business. For example, without funding your forced to stay lean and you don’t have to be concerned about investors or […]

Influencer marketing has become one of the hottest trends for marketers. And, there’s plenty of good reasons why. It’s a powerful and effective way to organically connect with prospective clients and build your brand’s awareness. But, how can you sell your CEO on becoming an influencer? Use these eight reasons on why influencer marketing needs […]

Have you thought it would be a great idea to start a business? Many of us have the dream of being our own boss. I love living a freelance lifestyle, and it’s one of the ways that I can set my own schedule. Even though I recently started as a salaried staff writer for a […]

Every business owner wants to have email addresses that reflect their domain name because it reinforces the brand and adds professionalism and business quality to the experience rather than relying on a Gmail address or some other generic email account provider. The fact is the ability to have an email domain comes with every domain […]

Starting a business may be scary for you. In a world where an entire business can start from your couch at 3 AM using free social media marketing and website templates, the time has never been better to jump on your idea and run with it. But that’s easier said than done. We balk and […]

As a business owner, you know that motivation is one of the keys to a becoming a successful entrepreneur. Finding that motivation can be hard some days. I know that I struggle with motivation at times. If you are trying to find motivation in your own business and life, here are some tips to help you […]

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