I speak to many freelancers who tell me they don’t have any savings. Since I’ve been freelancing for many years and already know how freelance finances work, this boggles my mind. The truth is, my ability to prioritize savings has saved my behind more than once. The problem is most people don’t realize they need […]

security data flow

It seems that every other week there is a news story about some company’s servers being hacked, exposing our personal information. While the most egregious hacks are well publicized, like last year’s Equifax breach that exposed the personal information of virtually every American with a credit history. But our Social Security numbers are not the […]

financial habits

Social Security is a government-backed retirement program. Workers across the country pay a Social Security tax each year in exchange for a payment each month in retirement, or if disabled in some cases. This retirement fund isn’t quite a guarantee. For the most part, workers from all backgrounds can count on social security. Still, there […]

obtaining money from lenders

Gender equality is a big topic in the news today. As our society navigates the “Me Too” era and sex discrimination in the workplace, it is important that society doesn’t overlook the important gender issues in personal finances, including student loans. While one might expect men and women to have similar student loan debt loads, […]

Due Support

Keeping your expenses down and sticking to a tight budget month after month isn’t easy. Sometimes it leaves you feeling like you’ve squeezed every extra cent out of your budget that’s possible. When that happens you might consider starting a side hustle to alleviate some of the financial pressure. The only problem with that is […]

paying by echeck online

A 2017 Harris poll found that 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75% a year earlier. That number is astounding. That is over 250 million Americans living by the skin of their teeth, waiting anxiously for their next paycheck to arrive and act as a lifeline until the next one. Even those […]

productivity maze

According to an Oxford study, 47 percent of human jobs will be replaced by robots by 2035. That is nearly half of all jobs gone! Regardless of how you feel about that prediction, we clearly have a huge economic shift ahead as robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence turn jobs in industries like manufacturing, transportation, food […]

money exchange

It seems you can’t go a week without finding a new article about a new industry Millennials are killing. But while they may not be fans of paper napkins or bar soap, they are actually better with their money than their reputation might lead you to believe. It turns out that Millennials are not ignoring […]

Photographer Guide

If you’re not earning as much as you need from your full-time job, side hustles are one of the best ways to increase your income fast. The fact is, you can only do so much budgeting if your income is just enough to pay your bills and you have hardly any money to spare. There’s no […]

credit cards to ecash

Almost every American adult is familiar with the obligatory squiggle of your name to complete a transaction. But how secure are those signatures in helping us avoid fraudulent transactions and purchases? Not very. Putting aside all of the hassles of writing your name with a dead pen, getting something that looks somewhat like your name […]

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