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One of the top concerns of new freelancers is how to decide what to charge. Should you charge by the hour? Or, should you instead charge by the word or project? There seems to be many proponents for both types of charging methods. And they all have very good points when arguing their cases. But […]

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Today’s world offers numerous payment options. You don’t need to carry cash anymore to make payments. In many stories, you don’t even need a wallet. Just wave your phone in front of a terminal and you can pay that way. As a business owner, it’s important to understand that your clients and customers probably have […]

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Because the world of merchant processing is continually evolving, thanks to trends like mobile point-of-sale systems, cryptocurrencies, and stricter regulations, it’s never been more important to shop around for a processing company that is innovative, secure, cost-effective, and has the features that your business needs. That may appear overwhelming at first, but we’ve put together […]

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Freelancers, small businesses, and midsized businesses have a plethora of options to get paid in 2017. The world of payments has evolved quite a bit in recent years, and getting paid is easier than ever for both businesses and customers. Here are some top options to handle payments for your business in the modern era, and […]

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One of the biggest challenges I used to face in my business was payment delays. As a freelancer, sometimes it took days for clients to send payment — or weeks. There were even times that I ended up chasing payments months later. Chasing these payments and dealing with the delays often impacted my cash flow. […]

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India’s economy is one of the most unique in the world. The nation of over 1 billion citizens has long operated one of the largest cash based economies on Earth. Until recently, everything from groceries to wedding receptions was paid for in cash. A heavy reliance on small value bills led to an increase in crime and […]

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One of the best feelings in the world is receiving that first payment from your business activities. However, when it comes to keeping track of everything, it’s important to make sure that your business is properly set up to receive payments. No matter your situation, you want to have planning in place to ensure that […]

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Service providers of all kinds know how irritating late payments can be. There’s nothing more annoying than having provided a service and then hearing excuses like “The check got lost in the mail.” Fortunately, there are several things businesses owners can do to decrease the chances of late payments happening. Here are just a few. […]

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In the world of PayPal and Venmo, it’s likely that you use  P2P payments in your personal life. Maybe you send your share of the restaurant bill via PayPal. Or perhaps you send transfers to a family member who banks at the same institution via their P2P payment platform. Perhaps, like me, you use Venmo to […]

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