Mobile Payment Authentication

One of the biggest concerns that we have in today’s data-driven digital world is security. How many security breaches have you heard about in the last year? In order to keep moving forward with epayments and protect the data of consumers, it’s important to authenticate users. After all, some of the biggest reasons that mobile […]

When freelancing or running a small business, it can be a nightmare to streamline business finances. In fact, managing a business budget is one of the biggest challenges freelancers have when working. It’s even worse when you think about how a freelancer’s income varies from month to month. Fortunately, you can make business finances easier […]

One of the most exciting payment trends to keep a close eye on is the blockchain. The reason is that the blockchain allows users to send and receive payments electronically without having to be concerned with third parties and fees. However, the main reason that there is so much hype surrounding the blockchain is that […]

I recently went on a vacation with my best friend overseas. During the course of the weeklong trip money became an issue. Not because we ran out of it. But because it was difficult to keep tabs on who paid for what. I would pay for a hotel room one night; they would take care […]

Checks and cash are relics in the payment industry. With an influx of alternatives and the steady climb in people using their smartphones to purchase goods and services, it’s clear that mobile payments will become the preferred payment method in the very near future. That means we can expect to see some exciting and innovative […]

One of the best ways to move money from one place to another in your business is with the help of epayments. With the right implementation, it’s possible for you to quickly and easily pay your contractors and vendors, without the hassle of paper checks. ePayments provide you with a way to quickly send and […]

One of the biggest issues that a freelancer faces is getting paid. We all want to make sure that we avoid deadbeat clients and that we manage to reach some sort of regular income. While I do have a variable income, it nice to have at least some regularity with a few gigs. Being able to […]

At some point in your freelance career, you will end up with a deadbeat client who is slow to pay — or who tries to avoid paying altogether. I’ve had clients in the past who have skipped out on the bill and some that I’ve had to pester a little bit in order to get […]

Do you remember the last time that you wrote a check or pulled out your credit card to make a purchase? For a majority of us, it’s probably been a pretty long-time. While technology has been rapidly changing the business to consumer payment industry, it’s also also being used in the business to business payment […]

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