In any business venture, there is one quality that can improve or ruin your business. And, it might not be what you think. Whether you are developing a passive income through real estate or an online business, credibility can be a key factor in bringing in more sales or securing that client. If you have […]


I often get asked how on earth I’m able to attract opportunity in my business. At this point, most clients and deals are coming to me. I also have serendipitous things happen all the time, like a major celebrity being at my co-working space – but that’s a story for another time. The reason people […]

personal success online

I’ve often said how consistency is the key to marketing. It has since come to my attention that the reason many business owners aren’t consistent is that they can’t even get started. Usually, it’s because they need to overcome mental blocks in order to start marketing. Take this example from my life. A friend went […]

global small business marketing

Marketing a small business is tough when running on a shoestring budget and trying to maximize your profits first. However, marketing doesn’t have to be super expensive if you take advantage of all the modern tools and resources available to you today. Here are a few of my favorite marketing strategies that you can implement […]

marketing your business globally

At just about every business event I’ve been to this year, one theme keeps coming up. That theme is the notion that as a business owner, you probably aren’t marketing your business enough. I’ve also seen several colleagues posting about this. I was recently perusing my Facebook feed when one of my friends (and amazing […]

programmer website

No matter what industry you hope to conquer, having a reputable presence online will help you. An online customer business website presence makes the difference between a business’ success or failure. A current website will help people find you whether you sell real estate or janitorial supplies. A potential customer will likely be looking for […]

world seo

Over 1 trillion searches happen on Google per year, making it the most popular search engine, and a primary focus for your small business SEO. It’s especially important for your SEO when you’re a local business owner. Searches with the term “near me” are trending upwards at a rapid pace especially for people using smartphones […]

brand it

There’s a survey that’s been circulating around Facebook that states most freelance writers only earn $10,000 a year. They say it’s because there isn’t enough work, but I’m willing to bet it’s because they can’t close freelance clients. Additionally, the same survey states that the top tier earners are only earning around $40,000. Most of […]

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