There is a debate in the marketing world about whether or not email marketing is on it’s way out. With the rise of social media, chat bots and and text marketing, some make the argument that email is obsolete. In my group coaching program, one student asked if email marketing is still effective. She has […]

With Fall upon us, the next few months bring plenty of opportunities to earn some money through sales. The problem is most business owners don’t plan for these sale opportunities. Then, when the time actually comes, they lose money. What are sale opportunities? A sale opportunity – at least as defined by me – is […]

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During a recent group coaching call with my students, one of them asked how to turn blog readers into paying customers. This is an excellent question and one that merits further investigation as bloggers turn into business owners. It’s true that there is money in blogging. However, most people assume the only way bloggers make […]

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A core component of successful rankings in online search is trust. If you want Google’s trust and boost your online marketing efforts, you need to show that you are legit. When you focus on the items that encourage Google’s trust, you are likely to rank better in online search. Here’s what you need to know: […]

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Imagine walking down a major New York City street and coming across a lifeguard. This lifeguard is perched atop a lifeguard stand overlooking passersby with no water in sight. This is a strange sight, but thanks to the genius minds behind the guerilla marketing campaigns, many of those who walked by will never forget the […]

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One of the main struggles I see with business owners is their inability to close a sale and get paid. This isn’t just beginning business owners either. I see it all the time with more experienced business owners as well. The culprit is they usually don’t know how to handle sales objections. If you don’t […]


Pinterest is a social media platform that has over 175 million users as of April 2017. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where people primarily interact with friends, family, or celebrities, Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine. Thanks to keyword optimization you can have a relatively small number of followers and still have a post go […]

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By now it’s no secret that if your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on some money. That’s probably why so many of my coaching clients want to learn about how to move a business online. You see, many of them already have some sort of business. Some are freelancers, others are […]

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