Generates more revenue

With January around the corner, most business owners are spending the weekend figuring out their revenue goals for 2018. I know I definitely have a specific goal in mind, and I’ve already been conjuring up how I’m going to achieve them. Start with The End in Mind One of the biggest mistakes I made early […]

Client Contracts

As a business coach, one of the complaints I hear most from clients is how they keep dealing with dud prospects. These are people who can’t pay them, aren’t serious about working together and waste their time. I get it. I’ve been there. That is until I started setting up systems in my marketing process […]

small business tools

You have a business blog, but it isn’t doing as much for your brand as expected. Is that a familiar story? Maybe it isn’t your content that’s the problem, but your schedule. Or, more accurately, maybe it is a lack of schedule that’s harming your business blog. Whatever business you’re in, follow this guide to […]

email sales

There’s no question — all business owners should grow an email list. But there’s a crucial aspect of growing an email list that often gets left out of the conversation. It’s something that will leave you sorely disappointed when you launch a product and only one or two people actually buy from the thousands of […]

email tips for freelancers

When you’re running a business, you know how important email marketing can be. It’s always recommended to start growing your list as soon as possible and do your best to maintain it in order to boost your business. That being said, one of the most difficult obstacles can be keeping subscribers on your list once […]

running an online payments influencer program

I make money as an influencer. Basically, that means I have an online brand and following and get hired for influencer work. “Influencer” is really just a 21st century word for a spokesperson. Influencer marketing is also taking over the internet. Brands are getting ready to create their 2018 marketing campaigns and they want to […]

online blogging

I go to a lot of blogging events around my city and I’ve noticed that very few of us actually do this work full-time. In fact, the question I get asked the most is how I managed to become a full-time blogger. I was recently asked this at an event by someone who is an […]

business everything

Each year around this time, my team and I take a look at the business and see where we can improve. Usually, it’s more like how can we scale more? How can we grow the business? And usually, it comes down to what’s the next thing we can outsource. The truth it, in order to […]

like facebook for SMBs

One of the best online advertising tools you have available to you is Facebook. Potential customers by the thousands flock to Facebook to socialize, look for news, and even to shop. By providing Facebook offers, you can encourage them to spend money with your business or drive them to your website. Here are four ideas […]

marketing your business

As we head into 2018, it’s important to look ahead and make sure you are positioning your business for what’s next. There are plenty of social media marketing trends to look forward to. And, as you consider what’s next for social, you also need to look into what your customers are likely to value from […]

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