A big part of running a freelance business is the ability to juggle building your own brand with client work. I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of work to manage your own company brand while keeping up with clients. You constantly have to be creating high-quality content for yourself and your audience. After […]

Chances are, that you are interested in online marketing for your business. Online marketing can help you reach more people and even target your efforts so that you get higher quality leads. Unfortunately, there are a lot of online marketing myths out there that can lead you astray. Before you start your marketing campaign, make […]

Many people are afraid of freelancing, starting a business and putting themselves out there because it means they will have their work critiqued. People really do fear the opinion of others, especially when it’s creative work like writing or design. The reality is this is a part of the package. You will have your work […]

One of the most common questions I get asked from aspiring freelancers is how to build a writing portfolio from scratch. Many of them are just starting out and feel at a loss when it comes to creating a collection of writing clips. I get it because I’ve been there. We all have. All the freelancers […]

During my time in Mexico last week my web designer and I had a mini-mastermind meeting going on. One of the things we talked about was the need for online business owners to spend time brainstorming content ideas. This is true regardless of whether you’re a writer, coach, web designer or consultant. It also includes […]

When I started my blog back in 2010 I had no idea I would someday turn into a full-time blogger that makes a living off of her writing. I also had no idea I would end up learning a variety of unexpected skills that, at first glance, seem like they have nothing to do with actual […]

I recently took a trip to Mexico where I stayed with my long time web designer and friend, and we had a little mastermind about all the logistics of client onboarding and creating good experiences. We were able to help each other, but most importantly I learned a thing or two from her about how […]

For a long time, marketers have divided desktop use from mobile use. However, it appears that many consumers use more than one device when making a purchase. If you want to be more successful in your online marketing, you need to consider how customers use mobile devices in their decision-making. As smart phones become more […]

As with many subject matter experts and writers these days, my freelance career started with a blog. At first, random projects would come to me or I’d look through endless job boards. This was before I really understood the power of online marketing and blogging when landing clients. Over time, my blog hasn’t just gotten […]

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