One of the things I often teach coaching clients and students is that freelancers need to think like marketers. It doesn’t really matter what kind of freelancing you do either – you need to think like a marketer to build your business. Additionally, if you do something like writing or design you essentially are a […]

I was recently on a call with a new coaching client who is looking to expand their blog into a full-blown freelance business. They want to write, teach, speak, get company sponsorships, you name it! But before they can get into all of that, I was very adamant about the fact that they need to start […]

When discussing how to be successful online, many online marketers and successful business people tell you that you must be authentic with your brand. However, no one explains how to be authentic online. This turns out to be incredibly frustrating for people who are looking for practical advice. While in some ways, you can’t teach […]

Online haters. They are everywhere. In fact, they are so pervasive sometimes that many people are afraid of putting themselves and their businesses out there online. They are terrified of people judging them and are afraid of falling victim to online bullying. I’m not going to lie to you, you may need some thick skin […]

Your online marketing strategy requires that you stay up on the latest trends, and even that you try to move ahead of the curve a little bit. One way to do that is to use video in online marketing. Video provides a human connection to your audience. It can be engaging, and adding it to […]

I often get asked if someone can turn a hobby blog into a business. Meaning, whether or not they can turn their blog, which is mostly them writing about a hobby like fashion or beauty, into a full-fledged viable business. People seem to assume that this a feat accomplished by only a select few. After […]

Business is always evolving, and so is the Internet. When you use the Internet for business, it can be hard to stay on top of all of the changes. When I first started writing online 11 years ago, the “rules” were different than they are today. If you want to stay ahead with the online marketing […]

Part of running a profitable business is having the right tools at your disposal. The right freelancing tools can help you automate your business, create systems, scale and make sure you get paid. Fortunately, the internet has made it easy and cost effective to use freelancing tools in an effort to make sure that things […]

It can be frustrating to constantly attempt to answer queries on HARO and never get quotes or receive any type of media coverage. At times, it can feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. If you’re looking to get more media attention for the work that you do, HARO can be a wonderful resource. 1. Make […]

A few years ago, back when I was planning my exit from my day job to run my own business, my coach at the time inspired me to read a book called Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. I did exactly as she said, even going the extra mile and doing all the exercises in […]

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