Starting a new business can often seem overwhelming. Yet, most new online business owners are excited about finally getting the chance to bring their ideas to fruition and earn money doing work they enjoy. Before you get to the point where you’re smelling the roses, first you need to start marketing your business so you […]

like social media

Likes and comments don’t pay the bills. You’ve probably heard this before and it’s true. Social media fame doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rich or even making money at all for that matter. Social media can be a great tool to get exposure for your business but again, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. While you can […]


Here’s a newsflash for businesses trying to gain new customers. From a marketing standpoint, more is not always better. If you’re casting a wide net by marketing to the masses, not only are you wasting your resources. You’re also diluting the potency of your message for the folks whom you really want to attract. Unless you’re selling […]

cell phone emails

Starting an email list is one of the best things you can do as a small business owner. Having your own list allows you to develop a closer relationship with your target audience so you can better understand how you can serve them. When done correctly, your email list can really help you make more […]

marketing your business

In case you haven’t heard, authenticity is the name of the game for online marketers and small business owners. Whether you have the big corporate brand name or not, people are looking to see that you actually care about others and your message before buying from you. You probably already know how important brand loyalty […]

smb seo

If you have a business website, you may be interested in SEO. Some businesses just set up a website to serve as a portfolio or simply to establish an online presence – without a big emphasis on marketing. The rest of us want our website to be used as a tool to help draw in […]

Mobile and video will reign supreme

It’s no secret that video marketing is the way of the future for businesses. At least 43% of consumers said they wanted marketers to produce more videos. Videos are entertaining and easy to watch. If you’re looking to increase your revenue over the next few months, it will be helpful to start utilizing video. Check […]

cell phone emails

Email marketing has been lauded in every corner of the internet. The bigger your mailing list the better. Why is that? According to the direct marketing association, returns can be as high as 38x. Some companies report an ROI of 70x. No other digital channel consistently delivers those kinds of results. People who succeed with […]


Let’s face it. Your business needs to be producing content. Quality content can serve many purposes including increasing your brand awareness, building trust with your audience and boosting your site’s SEO value. The only caveat is that you need people to actually see your content – preferably a lot of people. Creating content becomes an […]

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