A few years ago, when I quit my job to freelance full-time, I made the conscious decision that I would bootstrap my business. That meant that I would reinvest some of the money the business was bringing in back into the business itself. I made this decision because I really didn’t want to take on […]

One of the best ways to raise your visibility is look for ways to gain media coverage. However, getting that media coverage is often easier said than done. There’s a lot that goes into a marketing strategy that involves the media. One way to improve your chances of being seen is to make sure that […]

I’ve said time and time again that freelancers need to brand themselves and find multiple streams of income in their businesses. This is how you can get high-quality clients and also ensure that you’re never dealing with the feast or famine cycle. I’ve mentioned many of the ways that freelancers can make money in the […]

About a year ago, I started to use live video in my business. Actually, let me clarify that: I became obsessed with using live video in my business. Specifically, I had a serious addiction to Periscope. Fast forward to July 2016 and we now have Facebook Live and Snapchat to add to the mix. This […]

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to layer in multiple ways to get freelance clients for my business. It includes both passive and active forms of finding clients, and while it’s taken a long time to build, I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor paying off. If you want a successful freelance business […]

There are a lot of make money blogging myths out there.  In fact, it seems that every day there is someone new trying to sell something that teaches people how to make money, but a lot of the time these aren’t actually based on fact. I’m sure you perhaps have already had an experience where […]

At this stage in my career, I don’t have to hustle as hard to find freelance clients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always prospecting and looking for an opportunity. The difference is that because I’ve already established myself as a brand and have the proper processes in place, it’s gotten easier for clients to find […]

The other day I heard one of my favorite bloggers and entrepreneurs on a podcast episode where she said she was still becoming accustomed to being a personality brand. In other words, she was still getting used to having so much attention on her and her own name. I’ve also noticed a trend among freelancers […]

At some point, you are likely to experience an online business crisis. It might come because a negative review causes a cascade effect, throwing your reputation into doubt. Perhaps you made a mistake in some aspect of your business, and the word got out. Maybe you had to fire someone and now that former employee […]

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