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Tips for saving money are all over the internet. Though there are many great ideas for saving on purchases, it takes work. Getting steep discounts on high ticket items you’re planning to buy involves research. Even getting the best price for needed supplies a regular basis can be a job all its own. There’s comparison shopping, […]

With Fall upon us, the next few months bring plenty of opportunities to earn some money through sales. The problem is most business owners don’t plan for these sale opportunities. Then, when the time actually comes, they lose money. What are sale opportunities? A sale opportunity – at least as defined by me – is […]

how money works

Growing up during the last major recession means that today’s millennial college entrepreneurs are already in the savings mindset. They’ve learned how to live with less than previous generations, which has made them much more conscious of how much things cost. Unlike other generations, they’re looking to offset the cost of things like tuition, housing, […]

Time Tracking with Due

The feast or famine cycle is a common struggle among small business owners. Often times, this is due to a cash flow problem. The cash flow problem is usually a result of business owners not getting paid fast enough. Faster payments are usually an afterthought for business owners. They often think having a great skill […]

biggybank and savings

When it comes to your organization, labor costs can add up fast. Unfortunately, they often get so high that companies are forced to lay off employees and shrink bloated departments. But what if there were a different way? The True Cost of an Employee  When it comes to hiring an employee, there’s the salary cost […]

business credit cards

Until sometimes back, applying for a credit card was a lengthy procedure. To actually obtain a credit card was considered to be some kind of a privilege. But things have changed significantly now and today, almost everyone holds a credit card. In this post I will teach you five things you should never do with your […]

competitive edge

With talks of saturated markets and robots taking over our jobs, there’s a lot fear surrounding the future of how people will be earning a living in the future. Are there threats to our money? Yes, constant ones. However, there are things you can do to ensure you’ll always make money. The reality is that […]

Much of the small business advice that’s out there is for individuals who run service based businesses. But what about those who sell physical products? What about their needs, like ensuring they always have money for inventory? This is something I find myself thinking about a lot lately as I spend more time with designers […]

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