How safe are your bitcoins? How can you improve bitcoin security? Besides asking what exactly bitcoins are, this is probably one of the most frequent questions that people have regarding the cryptocurrency. And, despite offering heavy security, this is a valid question that users should ask. For starters, we’ve all read the instances where bitcoin […]

When you generate more money it can be tempting to just blow it. Since you’ve been working harder, maybe you want to have something to show for your efforts. If you’re unsure where you should put the extra money and don’t want to make a misstep, instead of playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe or shooting […]

You have graduated college. Congratulations! You’re now entering the ‘real world.’ While I kind of dislike that term, I see why it’s used. It’s used because now many of the protections of life during school are gone. Decisions are now more complicated since you have more of them. It can get overwhelming. But instead of […]

Risk management is one of the most important elements to successful trading. No matter how good you think your trade set up is, nothing is ever guaranteed. Every trader takes a hit from time to time but having an effective risk management strategy is what will keep you in the game for the long haul, […]

As a business coach, I often have freelancers coming to me completely frustrated that they just can’t seem to make more money. Sometimes they even tell me “We see how much money you made in your last income report and we just can’t seem to do it ourselves!” Upon further investigation, I realize there are […]

Imagine you see the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. But instead of Christmas, we’ll call this the Ghost of Business Yet to Come. Say hello to your new ghost. This ghost is quite insightful. He knows how you can become more profitable. He knows about mistakes you’re currently making and how they will impact your […]

One of the items that many of us overlook when planning our finances or our businesses is liquidity. Too often, we don’t stop and think about how accessible our money is, or how we can quickly free up room to get more money. However, as an entrepreneur, and someone with a variable income, I know […]

Since beginning my career as a freelance writer, I’ve found other ways to turn one project into an opportunity to work on different kinds of projects for the same client. This means I’ve done everything from writing o teaching, to consulting and even creating videos for the same clients. The reality is that in the new […]

You don’t have to stockpile cash or blow your whole tax refund  when it comes to furnishing your home office or restocking basics. While at first it might seem overwhelming, getting essential supplies and furniture for your work space doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Consider these tips before you shop. 1. Shop your home […]

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