Use Invoicing Software

Sending out an invoice may appear simple, but if you do it well, it’s almost an art form. Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t understand how to do it properly. So if you haven’t evaluated your invoicing habits with care, then there’s a good chance you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize your revenue as […]

10 Invoicing Terms You Need To Know

Businesses, regardless of the industry or size, require regular cash flow from their clients and the customer to pay their expenses, such as their employees salaries and the utilities. That’s why invoicing is a necessity. Without these bills, you won’t be compensated for the services rendered or products sold, which in turn means that you […]

11 Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Online Invoice Platform

Regardless if you’re a business owner or freelancer, accounting software that can handle tasks like invoicing is a necessity. After all, how else do you expect to be compensated for the goods and services that you’ve provided? But, with the seemingly endless amount of accounting software available, how can you narrow down these choices to […]

Get Paid Faster

So you made a sale, delivered your products or services in a timely manner, and satisfied the client. But now, you’re waiting in vain for the payment. If you’re frustrated and a little worried about how customer payments affect your business, you’re not alone. Many businesses, especially start-ups, find getting paid by customers on time […]

Sometimes clients make mistakes and send invoice overpayments. For example, if you bill them $500 and they send you $1,000 because they accidentally submitted a wire transfer twice. Other times, they may have just misread the invoice and sent you wrong the amount. This is no fault of yours – as long as you followed […]


For hundreds of years, there wasn’t much innovation when it came to invoicing. A business owner would write-down the services provided or goods purchased, mail the bill to the client, and then patiently wait for a check. It was an antiquated, tedious, and slow process that could cause your cash flow to come to a […]

Getting paid is an important part of business, but not necessarily the most fun part. Invoicing is not a fun job when you have so many other things on your plate. Still, when you’re a small business owner, getting paid can sometimes be a big battle. Efficiency is key when sending and managing your invoices. […]


When you think of invoicing, do you conjure up an image of someone hunched over a desk manually creating invoices? Or, do you think about generating invoices accurately and quickly through software? For most business owners and freelancers, paper-based invoicing is an ineffective, time-consuming, and antiquated method of sending out bills. Thanks to the growing popularity […]

follow up with an unpaid invoice

An unpaid invoice is a serious problem for businesses, cutting into profits and eating up employee time that could be better spent on professionally productive activities. Unfortunately, they have to be dealt with, and that means chasing down clients who haven’t paid, sometimes for weeks on end. Such a problem begs the question: how can you […]

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