Look For Templates That Best Fit Your Brand and Business

Thanks to electronic invoicing you can now instantly send invoices to customers and clients across the globe. Better yet, you can also get paid almost instantly. Another perk that plenty of business owners overlook when it comes to electronic invoicing is that it allows you to customize your invoice templates. I get it. You’re already […]


Invoices are obvious vehicles for getting compensated for the goods and services that you provide. But, did you know you can also use your invoices to market your business even further to your existing customers? That may sound complicated, but if you can easily turn your invoices into lean, mean marketing machines. Here are a […]

Use Invoicing Software

Every piece of communication that you have with you clients or customers should be used as a branding opportunity so that you’re memorable and are able to stand-out from the pack. While that’s not a problem when using your blog, email, or social media, your branding may not be as obvious when it comes to […]

gst impact your business

Knowing how to properly invoice your customers is a fundamental skill for business owners of all-sizes to master. Not only does it ensure that you get compensated for your goods or products, it also prevents any costly mistakes when it comes to your taxes and keeps your accounts in good order. For many businesses around […]

8 Ways to Get Paid Before Your Invoice Is Even Due

If there’s one thing that drives freelancers and small business owners bonkers it’s chasing down late payments. It’s not only frustrating and time-consuming, but it also hurts your cash flow and throws your budget out-of-whack. Of course, there are simple ways to speed up the invoicing process, such as sending your client a detailed and […]

How to Select the Best Template For Your Invoices

Creating invoices for your clients has been a chore that most of us don’t look forward. Thankfully, online invoicing has replaced paper invoicing. This means that you can save money on paper and postage, have a “paper” trail, and it speeds up the entire invoicing process. For example, you can select an invoice template so […]

Online Invoicing

Regardless of the size or industry, if you’re a selling business there’s always two parties involved; the buyer and the seller. The buyer would be your customers who are looking to purchase goods or services, while the seller (or “vendor”) is the party that is extending the goods. In order to track inventory and sales, […]

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