Regardless what you do for a living, billing is a necessity. Without that cash flow it’s going to be challenging to pay your bills on-time and keep your business in operation. That’s why it’s important that you have a billing process in place that not only simplifies billing, but also strengthen the relationship between you […]

Part of running a profitable business is having the right tools at your disposal. The right freelancing tools can help you automate your business, create systems, scale and make sure you get paid. Fortunately, the internet has made it easy and cost effective to use freelancing tools in an effort to make sure that things […]

Invoicing! Invoicing tips is actually such a cool topic for freelancers! That’s because this is where the work turns to cash. This is where all of your effort turns into something tangible… money! Exciting times. But if you’re new to freelancing, it can be confusing and stressful. It was for me. I wanted to get invoicing […]

Whether you seek out these opportunities or not, they will likely come to you. As a freelance writer, having people ask you to do this is exciting. They are basically saying, “You write as well as I do.  Perhaps better.  I trust you to write this as well as I could.” Being asked to ghostwrite is […]

We all like getting paid. As entrepreneurs or freelancers (or both), you need that cash flow. Without it, your business doesn’t thrive and your family doesn’t eat. The cornerstone to getting paid is more effective invoicing. Setting up an online invoicing system that works well for you and ensures that you remain on top of […]

They say people remember two parts of a project most: the beginning and the end. Invoicing comes at the end. It’s important for your reputation and your wallet that you get invoicing right. Though the real work may be done, it’s important to treat invoicing with the same professionalism as the project. The following post reveals […]

Is there anything worse for a freelancer than waiting for a client to pay their invoice? It’s one of the most stressful moments that freelancers and business owners must endure. Besides not being able to pay your bills, that feeling of getting short-changed is probably the worst feeling possible. But, that can be prevented if […]

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