marketing your small business

Freelance writing is a side business (or even full-time business) you may be considering if you have a passion for writing. The great thing about freelance writing is that anyone can do it who has a decent amount of skill and is willing to learn. You can always improve your writing by taking classes and practicing. Here are […]

business negotiation

Receiving feedback is one of the best ways to improve your skills. However, the act of receiving feedback can feel less than pleasant. A critique may come your way because of a creative difference or even a mistake that slips through on your part. Regardless of the type of feedback, being able to take it […]

coworking office

Sometimes being a solo entrepreneur can be lonely. Even if you are a member of a team, if you work from home full-time, it can lead to feeling of isolation. This is one of the biggest downsides of full-time self-employment and the freelance economy. Even if you can stave off the hermit effect, working at […]


Finding out too late that you’ve undercharged for work is disheartening. The story often ends with you doing a considerable amount of work for free or less than what your effort is worth. A habit of undercharging will undoubtedly lead to burnout and can even put you out of business. Here are a few ways […]

accounting in the cloud through mobile

As a freelance writer, your words are everything. They are how you make your money and your reputation. Therefore, protecting and accessing them is also extremely important. If you are still storing everything on your computer, however, you could be setting yourself up for any number of fails. So, why are you not using cloud […]

obtaining money from lenders

How many times have you read ‘become a freelance writer today!’ on the internet? It’s often listed as one of the most popular ways to make more money, to earn money online, or to launch your own brand. While those things are true, there’s a lot more to freelance writing than some of these people […]

piggybank payments

In the days my business was a side hustle, I didn’t worry about keeping cash in the bank. When I earned money, I paid myself, set aside a portion for taxes, and knew that my account would refill as I finished client projects and got paid. But today that business is my family’s primary income. If […]

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