At this point in my career, I’ve worked the same amount of time in an office building as I have at home. What I’m going to point out are the similarities and differences of working in these two very different settings. This will help if you’re deciding which is right for you. Working in an […]

Many people are afraid of freelancing, starting a business and putting themselves out there because it means they will have their work critiqued. People really do fear the opinion of others, especially when it’s creative work like writing or design. The reality is this is a part of the package. You will have your work […]

Just recently I went to my first ever CollabMiami meetup. It’s a new meetup in town where the independent professionals in the area get together on a Friday morning each month. The tagline is “Freelancers don’t let freelancers work alone.” I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see these things popping up. When I […]

Fortunately, having a deadbeat client who owes me money doesn’t happen very often because I’ve put systems and processes in place. To this day, I still have never been totally stiffed on a payment because I eventually get my money. However, there are a few occasions in which yes, I am owed a significant amount […]

One of the most common questions I get asked from aspiring freelancers is how to build a writing portfolio from scratch. Many of them are just starting out and feel at a loss when it comes to creating a collection of writing clips. I get it because I’ve been there. We all have. All the freelancers […]

If you’re a self-employed freelancer, you’ve likely come across one of the hardest parts of the job: having to work when you’re still sick. After all, if you gave up the 9-5, you also gave up your ability to get paid while you spend the day in bed recovering. Sometimes, getting sick can be extremely challenging […]

Science has studied the psychology of success related to our conditioned beliefs from childhood and self-esteem related to socioeconomic stereotypes. There are practical solutions to overcoming preconceptions that keep you from excellence. Neuro linguistic training, influential mentors, engaging in regular physical activity and having a healthy lifestyle are just some of the tactics to breach […]

One thing I never expected to learn as a full-time blogger was project management. Fast forward a few years and I’ve actually become just slightly obsessed with different project management systems. The reality is that as my freelance business grows, and as I continue building my own brand, I’ve had to learn how to work […]

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