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The main focus for new freelancers is finding work and filling up a client roster. An area that may get less attention is business systems such as your client on-boarding and bookkeeping processes. These systems are just as important as marketing strategies because it’s how you serve your client and then physically bring in money. […]

saving for retirement

When you are a freelancer your income is literally what comes out of your head, through your hands, and into a computer. What you think and type is your source of income. There are many pitfalls that could threaten or even end your work and your income as a freelancer. Because your income comes from […]


A colleague of mine recently tweeted out an article by Fast Company which stated freelancing is the future of work. As someone who has been freelancing for seven years, it boggles my mind that people are just now starting to realize this, but I digress. What was most interesting about the article was that if […]

As a freelancer it can be difficult to ensure that you get paid what you are worth for the work you do. First you must decide how you are going to charge – by the hour, task, word, or page, for example. Some freelancers charge by one method, and some another. They all have good […]

obtaining money from lenders

Working as a freelancer means that I write a lot. Sometimes I have different subjects to cover. Because I write so much, it can be easy, after a time, to fall into poor writing habits. If you want to stay on top of your game and continue impressing clients and potential clients, here are some […]

Success Factors to Get You Paid

As a freelancer, your time spent working is very crucial since you only get paid for the work you complete and submit. Yet if you’re running your own small business you have to take care of administrative duties. These duties include tasks like checking and responding to email. You have to send invoices, pitch jobs and […]

programmer team

I am an active member of a local group of freelancers in my city called CollabMiami. A big part of the mission for this group is to get creatives to collaborate with freelancers on projects. Apparently, I live in a finance blogger bubble because it wasn’t until recently when I learned how competitive creative professionals […]

working from home

One of the biggest perks of being self-employed and working as a freelancer is the flexibility this type of work provides. You can set your own hours, choose your own rates, and even decide when you work as long as you meet your deadlines. Having this type of freedom and flexibility is pretty awesome. It’s […]

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