As more consumers and businesses migrate to online shopping and digital transactions that even include multiple currencies, payment methods have had to evolve to facilitate these new preferences. One of the financial solutions that have emerged is known as ecash. This article explores the various types of products that are referred to as eCash and […]

Life is an ever changing roller coaster. You need to go here, then there, right, left, straight, and of course the inevitable twisting, turning, and the feeling that you could fly of the track at any moment. Sometimes you even need to do a u-turn or a loop-de-loo circle. Yes, life is always changing, but I […]

Top Fintech Events 2016

It’s a new year that brings with it numerous predictions about the growth and direction of fintech in 2016. While many industry publications and blogs will cover these trends, the best way to get a firsthand account of what the future of fintech looks like is to attend one of the many upcoming conferences and […]

2016 is here, and that means it’s time for resolutions – only this year, it’s about making those strategic resolutions that have specific actions and timeframes to ensure they are achieved. My team and I have created our own set of resolutions that we plan on accomplishing this year, and they all involve you, our […]

What a great year it was for all of us! We helped so many more small business owners manage time more efficiently and improve cash flow. At the same time, we also saw all of you grow leaps and bounds. Now it’s time to celebrate these accomplishments together! Hearing your success stories has also been […]

In the Western world we tend to wear busy-ness as a badge of honor. Work usually comes before play and in more extreme cases our health. It’s something many business owners (myself included) struggle with because we’re not accustomed to prioritizing self-care. The problem is compromising our self-care for more business leads to  problems in […]

I often times joke around and say that learning how to run a business is a lot like learning how to drive a car, you’re not going to learn by reading the manual. There are lots of things we learn the hard way, but the key to avoiding this in the future is to learn […]

You probably know first hand how frustrating it can be to deal with a client that drives you nuts. Unfortunately, we’ve all had an experience or two with bad clients. The key to avoiding this kind of stress is to learn how to spot a bad client from a mile away. Unfortunately, at least in […]

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