Ethereum Applications

With the blockchain in position to be the next big thing, it’s no surprise that there has been a fury of platforms built on-top of the public ledger – most notably cryptocurrencies. Unlike digital currencies like bitcoin, however, Ethereum is a decentralized platform where developers can build ethereum applications they want on the blockchain. In […]

The look and feel of credit cards is evolving with the introduction of EMV card technology. After the recent large-scale hacking incidents with online and offline retailers as well as the need to address other potential fraud, credit card companies have turned to a new type of technology to reassure consumers and businesses. Since you […]

Along with an entirely new way to conduct transactions, Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies have brought with them a whole new language. To become comfortable in this new transaction environment, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these terms. One of these particular names is “hard fork,” which sounds more like something you would eat than […]

Over the past few months, I went through the process of rebranding the business that I started almost six years ago. The reason I rebranded my business was because I was outgrowing it, and my message didn’t match who I’ve grown to be. My business grew from one tiny freelance writing client into a full fledged media company, […]

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