building a successful business

I find that to startup building a successful business, you must provide value. “Providing value” may sound vague until you realize they do this by filling a gap.  Their doing so makes life easier, solves a problem, or provides a service for their customers. People will pay for convenience; it doesn’t always matter if what you are selling […]

security recommendations

Cyber security has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It refers to the security measures people and businesses take to protect their online assets and information from hackers and cyber criminals. It is very much a growth sector because as the knowledge, tools, and resources of the online bad guys have grown, so […]

Starting a business can be an exciting but challenging experience. Going into business with your family members or adding someone from your family to your team after you expand can seem like a good idea on the surface since you may feel like you can trust them more and be more comfortable around them. However, […]

Ways to Save More Money

Freelancing has its perks but the inconsistent income can often be seen as a benefit and a drawback. On one hand, you have the chance to earn as much as you want, but you can also earn very little if you have a low rate, clients don’t pay you on time, or if you have […]

Happy New Year

.Happy 2017! It’s a new year with infinite possibilities for what you want to achieve. Whether it be as a freelancer, startup founder, or small business owner you can do this! Remember to set specific goals and objectives that you want to accomplish this year, Have these around becoming more efficient, productive, and profitable. You’ve […]

security recommendations

As a business owner, you are probably increasingly aware of just how reliant you are on the internet for the successful running of your business. It’s a very powerful tool it does require some precaution. Online privacy is key for the successful running of your business as it will make sure that your valued information […]

If multitasking is a habit of yours, you probably aren’t really doing yourself any favors. The idea that multitasking allows you to get more done is a big myth especially when it comes to your business. Sure, you can probably cook and watch T.V. or read a book while on the elliptical at the gym, […]

When I imagine sitting down in my ideal home office, I don’t imagine my suspiciously sticky kitchen table with an abandoned checkers game next to my laptop, the sounds of my neighbor’s music blaring from their open garage. It’s definitely more like a blissfully quiet screened-in porch (there’s always perfect weather in my ideal home […]

Happy Kwanzaa Everyone

We’d like to wish our customers who celebrate Kwanzaa the very best for this year’s weeklong festivities. Focus on family, community, and culture. Remember to take the time out from your business to enjoy this special celebration. Celebrate with loved ones. Reflect on all the things you can be thankful for that you received  throughout the […]

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