Raise Your Rates

As a freelancer, adjusting your rates accordingly is a key part of business. Whether you bill by the hour or by project, you are selling yourself short if you don’t consider raising your rate. As you begin to complete projects and add some success stories to your portfolio, your value as a freelancer increases. As […]

Freelancing can be a tough nut to crack at the beginning, but once work starts picking up, you’ll probably have more than enough on your plate. After just 6 months of freelancing, I considered hiring some help. Then, after about a year I hired an additional person and now I have about 4 people I […]

Singapore is beating the whole world at Fintech

As a tiny country with limited natural resources, Singapore built its outsized influence on the world as a hub of global finance. With the advent of progressive financial technologies eponymously named “Fintech”, Singapore is well ahead of the curve and is reinventing itself into a center of fintech innovation. Singapore has a solid head start […]

Sending invoices, or bills, is one of the best parts of owning or running a business. Although they may be boring or time consuming to send out, sending them means you will get paid soon. There are multiple ways to invoice your clients or customers, but when it comes to paper vs online invoicing, which is better? […]

We all need self-care. As a business owner, it’s harder to make time care for yourself because your to-do list never ends. You may feel like you need to be everywhere, do everything, meet every deadline, but you also need to prioritize taking care of yourself as well. Without your health and wellness, there will […]

Very few businesses are able to successfully get off the ground without some form of financing. With so many financing options available, it’s often difficult to know which route is best for your business. Small business loans are often enticing as they are generally quick to obtain. However, business loans come with contingencies that may […]

It’s no secret that lack of or improper financing can surely kill your business. With plenty of financing options available, it’s often difficult to decide which is the best option for you. That being said, you definitely want the ability to take advantage of every option. A great alternative financing option for small businesses is […]

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