Reserve Fund

One of the upsides of working a “regular 9-5” is the paid time off (PTO) you accumulate. When freelancer’s make the jump to full-time self-employment, they sometimes forget to factor in saving money to take time off. Everyone Needs Time Off No matter how much you love your work, eventually everyone needs time off and […]

Successful People

We live in a world that idealizes the accomplishments of the very young. Look at this 14-year-old founder! Look at this mogul who established an empire while in college! We love stories of people doing larger than life things before age 25. It can leave you feeling like a failure if you’re 30 or older […]

If you’ve been hesitant to accept electronic payments, let me welcome you into the 21st century and assuage your fears. Not only are electronic payments a fast, secure way to get paid, but they’re more convenient for your customers, who aren’t carrying around wads of cash. When it’s easier for your customers to pay, they’re […]

Socially Responsible Business

Regardless the size of your business, it’s always good to give back. Corporate social responsibility is the basic notion of being mindful of every stakeholder when conducting business. This means your business provides both social and environmental benefits on top of earning profits. Besides being a socially responsible business, here are four more reasons why giving […]

Taking the leap and becoming self-employed can be both exciting and scary. After you’ve prepared financially to become self-employed, you’ll need to maintain control over your finances and possibly tweak your spending plan to ensure you’ll have enough to meet your expenses each month. Here are 6 simple budget tips that will help contribute to […]

Think of your small business website as your online storefront. The greatest part about an online storefront is that it technically never closes. That being said, it’s definitely worth your while to build a website for your small business. If your customer can’t find what they came for or your site is too complex to […]

It’s no secret that networking is essential if you want to grow your business. While there is a right and wrong way to network, I find that a lot of networking strategies just create noise that you won’t really be able to sort through to build a lasting relationship with someone. Online networking is convenient, […]

Banks and investors will typically use financial ratios to measure the performance of your business. They may also be used to gain insight on a company’s financial statements. Regardless if you’re a finance whiz, it’s always best to fully understand the financial state of your business. Use these 5 financial ratios to brush up on […]

Don't Waste Time

At some point, everyone has experienced a ton of back and forth email. Those emails could easily have been avoided with better communication. Sometimes that communication comes in the form of a phone call or cloud-based technology. Other times it’s in the shape of a slightly longer but more complete email. The problem is that […]

Raise Your Rates

As a freelancer, adjusting your rates accordingly is a key part of business. Whether you bill by the hour or by project, you are selling yourself short if you don’t consider raising your rate. As you begin to complete projects and add some success stories to your portfolio, your value as a freelancer increases. As […]

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