One of the reasons I wanted to run my own business was so that I could take off as much time as I wanted to during the holidays. Unfortunately, this was a disaster the first couple of years as I felt like I was working more than ever. There’s always a rush this time of […]

Business retreats can be a great way for entrepreneurs to connect and brainstorm with other like minded people, clear their minds, and gain more clarity regarding their overall business plan. If you’re planning on attending a business retreat, now is the perfect time to start considering your options and planning out your goals for the […]

A few weeks ago I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the 20th Annual 49ers Academy Fundraiser. Silicon Valley has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, and it’s only going up. This unfortunate reality leaves many East Palo Alto families struggling to make ends meet. The Academy was founded in 1996 with the goal […]

In a recent post, I noted how beginning to ask for more money was the one thing that practically changed my business overnight. I also mentioned how it’s not always easy to start working on the process you know you have to accomplish. This time, I’m going to explain how to position yourself to ask […]

Even though we’re still in November, I believe it’s never too early to talk about financial goals for freelancers for 2017. In fact, waiting until January to figure out your financial goals for 2017 means you’re already behind the eight ball. The problem is finances can be a bit of a problem area for freelancers […]

Infographics have played a huge role in blogging and content marketing this year, and you should expect the same to be true in 2017 and beyond. However, since infographic creation is half art and half science, very few people have a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful. Do you? Here’s Exactly What […]

As the growth of the internet enhances connectivity between different regions of the world, more and more businesses are extending their traditional business hours to account for overseas markets. As a result, 24/7 business operations are becoming commonplace in some industries. But how can you possibly manage an around the clock business efficiently? Four Things […]

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