What do Facebook, Reddit, Dropbox, The Onion, and Def Jam Records all have in common? They were all started by entrepreneurs who couldn’t wait to graduate from college to start their own business. Even if you lack the coding skills of Mark Zuckerberg you can start your very own business easily and cheaply while still […]

If you’re an entrepreneur it’s hard not have fallen in love with HBO’s Silicon Valley. It’s arguably the most authentic look at the trials and tribulations that we startup founders have to face on a daily basis – despite being satire. While I could go on and on about how this series speaks the truth, one of the most […]

Any small business owner knows that they usually have unique requirements for payment processing. When starting your small business, it’s important to equip yourself with a few basic merchant services for your customers. In my opinion, every small business should provide these services at a bare minimum. Credit Card and Debit Card Processing While this […]

If you’re not early you’re late. Punctuality is a characteristic that most people struggle to maintain in the work world. Especially if you’re a freelancer, your ability to complete tasks on time and meet deadlines is imperative for your business. The more reliable you are in meeting these deadlines, the more likely you’ll be hired […]

The term “business expense” is thrown around loosely these days. Flights, hotels, meals, and travel costs are all common business expenses that can be written off come tax day. With hundreds of purchases happening every month, it gets difficult to keep track of all these expenses. If you’re a freelancer, it’s even more difficult to keep […]

I’ve played competitive sports my whole life and still continue to play recreationally. Sports are great for having fun and exercising, but they are also great for fine tuning skills off the field. There are many parallels that can be drawn between competitive sports and business. The reason I say competitive, is because there is […]

The freelance business is a tricky one. When you are working for yourself, you don’t have the corporate infrastructure to handle all the formalities, namely getting paid. If you aren’t set to a recurring billing cycle, its always a little awkward asking for your payment. On the contrary, clients usually aren’t rushing to pay their […]

Whether you work remotely, own your own business or freelance, it’s vital to collaborate well with others to complete projects and achieve goals together. Research shows that more than half of workers think that collaboration is key to improving project performance at work though companies don’t usually have an effective structure in place to work […]

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