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The world is changing quickly. The level of automation in our society is increasing, and the jobs that people are going to need to succeed in the future are evolving. In some ways, finding guaranteed ways to make money and add value to other people is an increasingly difficult task. Guaranteed Ways to Make Money. […]

mistakes business owners make

Believe it or not, failure is often a good thing. Doing so tends to teach you much more than when you succeed. It allows you to reevaluate and find ways to be better. When we succeed, it can be harder to motivate yourself to improve — since we’ve gotten the outcome we wanted, anyways. Consequently, […]

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Since societal norms are always evolving, businesses need to keep up with this as well. You’ve probably seen huge companies go out of business or fall out of favor with their customers before. Sometimes it can seem scary since these huge businesses often have tons of resources. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s […]

smb seo

If you have a business website, you may be interested in SEO. Some businesses just set up a website to serve as a portfolio or simply to establish an online presence – without a big emphasis on marketing. The rest of us want our website to be used as a tool to help draw in […]

Amazon employees don’t use Powerpoint in presentations. Instead, they are asked to come to each meeting they lead with a prepared six-page memo about the upcoming topic. The reason? In Jeff Bezos’s words, “Full sentences are harder to write. They have verbs. The paragraphs have topic sentences. There is no way to write a six-page, […]

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