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If you’re like most Americans you were probably watching the Super Bowl last Sunday. If you weren’t watching for the game you may have been watching for commercials. One commercial that struck me was a commercial by E-trade. While it was entertaining it was also a bit alarming. Towards the end of the commercial they […]

cash to credit card flow

If you’re hoping 2018 is the year you (finally!) get your money on point, it’s smart to look back on last year’s successes and failures, while focusing on new, doable goals. That means foregoing, say, a quest to find the next cryptocurrency or better time the stock market. Instead, try focusing on some tried and true […]

small business tools

There’s no shortage of tools that can help you create, edit, and manage your calendar. Whether if it’s booking meetings, receiving event reminders, or keeping your to-do-lists manageable, you’ll need these tools to keep your life in order. But, with so many options out there, how can you find the best calendar tool for you? You […]


The last few days have been pretty rough for the world of cryptocurrencies. A few days ago, Facebook announced a ban on all cryptocurrency related ads on their platform. The ban is aimed to stop the promotion of fake ICOs and other misleading or potentially dangerous information. Both good and bad cryptocurrency content has been completely […]

working from home

The gig economy is alive and well. Many individuals are ditching the typical nine to five workday and pursuing careers in freelancing. There are two types of freelancers. Those who work a side job to make a supplemental income and those who take on freelancing full-time. Becoming a full time freelancer is a much more […]


It’s no secret that many business owners struggle to keep their doors open. Often times this is when they reach out to someone like me for help. When I start digging a little deeper, I usually find that they haven’t given themselves better options in business. What exactly do I mean by this? Usually, it’s […]

Helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance

When it comes to scheduling meetings you typically have plenty of options. Phone, Skype, their office, the coffee shop, the list goes on. When you finally get in touch with that potential client it’s up to you to win them over in that first meeting. If possible you need to get them in a face to face […]

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