The rise of fintech ranks among the small business ecosystem’s biggest game-changing developments of the past few years. While fintech products aren’t ready to replace traditional banking just yet, it’s no secret that they have been disrupting traditional banking channels for a long time now. One of the areas where fintech has had the largest […]

Whether it’s the hard work you’ve put in or a product you sold, there is nothing more frustrating than not getting paid. But, unpaid invoices can also have a crippling effect on your business. In fact, late payments cost small and mid-size businesses $3 trillion a year. As a result, you aren’t able to pay […]

There are different ways to make some money from crypto but among them, trading is perhaps the most profitable one. If you want to get started, you can begin with just a crypto wallet, some funds, and an exchange platform. After you’ve secured those, maximize the opportunities you can have with trading cryptocurrencies by making […]

How do you pay your employees? In most cases, workers are paid wages or a salary via cash, checks, direct deposits, or even with a mobile wallet. For startup founders, who are on a tight budget, they may pay early team members with equity. Regardless of the exact method, this compensation is subject to employer […]


Investing in and trading cryptocurrencies has become more and more popular mainly due to stories of people who got back double or even triple the amount they put in. These stories are, indeed, true. Take for example the case of Eddy Zillan who invested a few thousand dollars in crypto and became a millionaire. Of […]

marketing your business globally

If you’ve got some writing chops and sales skills, you would do well as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is essentially recommending someone else’s product and getting a commission every time you get the target market to take a desired form of action. This could mean: Buying the product/service Visiting the merchant’s website Subscribing to […]

cash to credit card flow

They say you have to spend money to make money. However, some processing companies have taken that too far with the exorbitant small business credit card processing fees that they charge. These fees can really grow as your transaction volume increases. Even as a small business, any reduction in the transaction amount related to a fee can […]

sales skills

The feast and famine cycle that happens in the freelancing lifestyle is real. One moment you’re inundated with work and the next minute your email is completely bare. I can’t lie, during freelance famines I give myself some time to mope around and even worry that I’ll never find work again. Fortunately, this is never […]


In the blockchain community, cryptocurrency is the big kid on the block. But, thanks to a process called tokenization, the technology has a decidedly more fun application: digital collectibles. To understand tokenization, think about how casinos operate. Instead of wads of cash, table games use poker chips.  The poker chips have no cash value and must […]

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