how miles on a car work

Meetings pose an ongoing challenge for business leaders. The goal is to lead meetings more efficiently. However, that’s easier said then done. Although they’re a necessary part of effective communication and collaboration, meetings can easily become a drudgery for attendees. For years, interoffice meetings meant handing out a paper-based agenda. Participants would take notes on […]

sales shout out

You’ve spent hours prospecting and have finally found a potential client. After a few calls they seem interested so you setup an in person meeting. Things are going great, the deal is coming together, and you can already taste the commission. Then, at the last minute they decide to go with one of your competitors […]

Credit cards keep you and your customers safe and happy

Running a business is full of ups and downs. When things go well it’s one of the greatest and most accomplished feelings in the world. On the contrary, when things go south it can feel like there’s no more hope. While there will always be a few things out of your control it’s in your best […]

marketing your business globally

Influencer marketing is a million dollar industry today, and a key part of any company’s marketing strategy. If you’re a small business owner or an influencer in any capacity, the opportunities to create partnerships with brands are everywhere. Your social media and website platforms an generate real money for you. However, not every brand is […]

Stay motivated

Many people say you can’t teach entrepreneurship. This is partially true. Yes I do agree that in order to become a better entrepreneur you need to learn from experience. I also agree that there are plenty of lessons you can learn from those who’ve tried before you that. These lessons will help you expand your […]

how to save more money

When I was growing up, my favorite board game was Monopoly. Recently, I decided to re-explore the game with my nieces and nephews. And, wow! I realize now just how many life lessons can be learned from this classic game. For starters, Monopoly is a game of strategy that offers ways to manage your money […]

Time Tracking with Due

No matter how hard you may try, you can’t control time — but you can manage it a little better. Time passes whether you like it or not. Instead, when we discuss time management, we’re really talking about how we can make the most of the time we have. And, one effective way of doing this […]

simple professional invoicing

Getting paid as a small business owner can be a bittersweet experience. While it does in fact represent pay day, it’s not always easy to track down payments from clients. In fact, it’s estimated that about 16% of all work small business owners do is unpaid. As a small business you need invoice payments to […]

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