spending money wisely

It’s fun to be in charge, but it also means you’re responsible for making the tough decisions. There’s no doubt that finances and managing your business’s finances is essential to the success of your business. You can’t be afraid to dive deep into your business money matters, and you have to take control. Here are […]

email marketing tips

Do you have an email list? If you do, odds are you’re using an email marketing system to send newsletters and other messages out. Did you know that you’re probably paying for a ton of helpful email marketing features that could boost your business? Even if you’re using a free email service provider like MailChimp, […]

Business Expenses

Today’s business environment is heavily influenced by the “FUD factor,” or fear, uncertainty, and doubt. When FUD creeps in, the funding sneaks out and therefore restricts the ability for many businesses to access capital.  It’s times like this where the planning, discipline, and the fiscal responsibility of maintaining a healthy balance sheet will be most […]

invoicing for freelancers

Invoicing, although very necessary for the majority of businesses in order to get paid, is one of a business owner’s least favorite activities. Why? It’s time-consuming and takes them away from other tasks. You’d rather be focusing on ways to make money or even marketing your business to increase revenue. Changing invoicing seemed impossible. Until […]

Current and Capitalized

Due is an online invoicing and payments company. While working with my team here at Due, I had been looking for a solution that would help to easily organize API Calls. The developers wanted to instantly automate API testing into a simplified integration with the best used code languages. That’s when I heard about the […]

long-term focus

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Motivation isn’t always easy to maintain. On a daily basis we struggle with internal and external forces that are blocking us from achieving our dreams. But, like bathing, it’s something that we must do […]

how millennials think

The millennial generation is getting older and that means they are making up a large part of the active consumer population. Millennials make up a group of consumers that equates to more than 86 million people who are ready and willing to spend their money. This means that it’s time to up the advertising game when […]

challenges marketing

Your small business provides an excellent product or service. But, you have a problem attracting your target audience. Sound familiar? Here are a few common challenges when marketing your business. Search Engine Land found that 75 percent of small businesses saw positive results from internet marketing. Marketing effectively can often be challenging when you’re first […]

Business Finance Consulting

It’s a common fact that being in business for yourself is not the most secure place to be. You have the freedom and flexibility to create whatever you want and call the shots. However, you will also have people depending on you and will likely need to respond to changing trends and current events. Still, […]

If it seems like business owners are always “on” and active, it’s because they often are. Being an entrepreneur requires a ton of work and it seems like your job is never done. Running a business can be much more demanding than a nine to five because even though you have the freedom to set […]

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