Deal With Credit Card Processing Fees

If you are a business, especially a small business, credit card processing fees can add up. Every single time a customer or client swipes a card, a piece of your bottom line goes to one transaction fee or another. If you are not careful, these fees can significantly eat into your company’s profit margins. This […]

Product Pricing

Generally, business owners make mistakes in pricing for two reasons: They’re more concerned about their business than their customers’ wants and needs. They’re set on “undercutting” their competition to try and woo customers. Both can be fatal for business. The good news is that for every mistake listed below, there’s a viable solution that follows. […]

If you are a small company, how you receive payments is a critical but often overlooked component of your business. Failing to take receipt of payments into account can slow down the speed at which your customers pay their bills, and seriously disrupt your cash flow. The perceived lack of convenience can also turn customers […]

We hear a lot about engagement these days. It seems like it’s a buzzword that’s everywhere. And there’s a reason for it. Customer engagement can be a huge benefit to your business. Long-Term Investment in Customer Relationships Your customer engagement is a long-term investment in your company. It can be time-consumer to build those customer […]

Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos can be a great way to promote your business, generate new leads, network to build relationships with other businesses in your field, and make more money.  However, since such shows can often involve a significant investment in terms of both organizing a stand and booking space, it is important to ensure […]

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict resolution is a key business skill when dealing with situations that can arise with colleagues, contacts, customers, and clients. You need to understand the pieces of the puzzle that compose a solid conflict resolution strategy in order to strengthen client or customer satisfaction, maintain productivity, and avoid suffering damage to your reputation. The Right Mindset […]

customer service

Over the holidays, I traveled for a couple of weeks. On my way home, I encountered inconvenience and extra charges resulting from an airline changing my itinerary. Disappointed, I sent a politely-worded tweet at the airline. Within a few minutes, the airline had responded to me and assured me I could get a refund for the […]

Chargebacks for Small Business Owners

Despite your very best efforts to verify cardholders, check signatures, and spot fraud before it happens, you’ve gotten a chargeback–a reversal–of a credit card transaction you processed. What to do now? While you’re likely to be worried and frustrated, keep your emotions under control while you take action. Just because a chargeback has occurred doesn’t […]

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