Credit cards encourage impulse buying

Every small business owner knows the disappointment of receiving compliments instead of sales. By learning about what motivates purchases, you can improve your bottom line while helping shoppers get what they really want. Consumer buying behavior is not rational. Consumers manifest all kinds of reasons why a purchase makes sense, but buying is essentially emotional. […]

modern invoicing and payments

Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay your for your goods or services is essential if you want to boost your business’s conversions and sales. This is why you should put a lot of attention into your checkout page. It’s your customer’s final stop of their customer journey. And, most importantly, […]

Domestic Spending Habits

As someone who has worked with online marketing for years, it’s important for me to understand the spending habits of my audience so that I can launch an effective marketing campaign. As an entrepreneur and investor, it can steer in the right direction on which type of business I should launch or fund next. One […]

small business saterday

Warm months are usually a time where revenue can plateau or even decrease unless you run a business that is in demand during the summer. The cyclical nature of business is especially true for bloggers and online business owners who experience less engagement while people are out enjoying the sun. The good news is that […]

Thank Your Customers

Without your customers  and clients you wouldn’t be in business. If you want to have a sustainable business, then you need to be building long-term relationships with those customers and clients. One of the most powerful ways to achieve any long term relationship is by showing your gratitude. Your customers and clients are making your […]

Sell to Millennials

Millennials, born 1981-1997, now number greater than 75 million and have become the largest living population, according to recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Needless to say, they are a very important retail segment. Retailers need to pay special attention to this group and even consider new marketing tactics as Millennials differ quite a bit […]

run a business

At some point in your business, someone will be unhappy with you. They might not like a product you put out. Perhaps they are unsatisfied with some service. Or maybe you have made a public remark that is unpopular. You could have even made a mistake. You can’t avoid it. How you respond, though, can […]

business money tips for groups

Client communications are important. Plain and simple. When you run a service-based business, communication with your clients is everything. Proper client communication keeps your company thriving. If your client communications leave something to be desired. That could mean lost opportunities–fewer sales and follow-ups. These setbacks require more money for marketing, and they create an overall downward […]

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