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If you’re a blogger who hasn’t yet created a blogger media kit, the time is now to put one together. A media kit is almost like a resume that you give to businesses and other companies when they’re considering you for partnerships. Brands like to see media kits because it gives information about your blog […]


Sponsored posts are one form of income that I love making on my blog. Although it’s not passive, it’s one of the easier ways to earn income from blogging. A sponsored blog post is when a company pays for you to write a post on your website. It’s usually an opportunity for them to promote […]


When you’re running a business, keeping costs as low as possible is important. It helps you maintain a healthy profit margin and keep prices reasonable for your customers so they remain loyal. To that end, you must constantly keep a close eye on business costs. If opportunities arise that might lower them, you’ll probably check […]

web security

With the frequency of data breaches and attacks on the rise, it’s no longer an option for companies to have a weak defense to secure themselves against these cyberattacks. Just last year, these attacks hit companies big and small, and many individuals were hit by cybercriminals retrieving their credit card or banking information. As a […]

Improves customer loyalty

Owning a business can be stressful. When you’re working day in and day on project launches, you also need to be focusing on building a loyal customer base.  Your business may experience its own slumps and busy seasons, but if you’re only looking to sell once to customers, you’re going to create a lot of […]

Exit Your Business

There comes a point in most everyone’s life when it’s time to call it quits and retire. If you work for a business, giving notice may be as simple as a resignation letter. If, on the other hand, you own the business, making an exit can be a little more difficult. You must decide if […]


Freelancing full-time is something many people hope to do. I enjoy freelancing and love the flexibility that it gives me now that I work for myself. But to be successful, there are a few critical details that you need to consider first before taking the plunge. Doing quite a bit of preparation beforehand will make the […]

Recurring invoices

We hear a lot about taking our weaknesses and working on them until we become strong in those areas. Unfortunately, trying to turn weaknesses into strengths might not be the best or most efficient use of your time as a business owner. Recently, I came across a philosophy that recommends that you focus on your […]

obtaining money from lenders

My freelance writing career started with humble beginnings. I began by pitching for writing spots on various small blogs. After getting published, I would use those writing samples to pitch businesses and major websites for paid work. These days I get pitches for my own blog. Some of the pitches are great, but most of them […]

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