Social media is all about connecting with people and sharing experiences. Every online profile you make shapes your online persona. Hopefully, for many millennials job recruiters and other professionals don’t scout you based on your Instagram account. They will typically look at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is considered the social network for professionals. While it is […]

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to layer in multiple ways to get freelance clients for my business. It includes both passive and active forms of finding clients, and while it’s taken a long time to build, I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor paying off. If you want a successful freelance business […]

One of the main questions I get asked by freelancers and coaching clients is how they can begin to command higher rates for their work. More specifically, they are tired of seeing rates like $15 for posts that are 2,000 words. The good news is there are plenty of ways for you to put yourself […]

The benefits of working from home as a parent are clear. You can spend more time with your children, set your own schedule and dodge a work commute that might include waiting in traffic to get there. While these advantages give you more flexibility and can allow you to spend more time with your children, […]

There are many people, millennials especially, who are interested in starting their own business. The only problem is that many people are unsure of what kind of business to start. Below are some ideas on how to narrow down the type of business you want to have so you can become an entrepreneur and start […]

High Quality Clients

A common frustration in the world of freelancing is low paying gigs on job boards. While I’m not anti-job board (I’ll explain why in a bit), I do understand the frustration that comes with them. Having freelanced for years, I’ve had my fair share of prospects who don’t have a clue about what writers actually […]

First off, because you’re reading this, I can assume one of two things: either you’re successful or you’re becoming successful. Why do I say that? Because mixing dinner and business is a pretty great sign you’re somebody. People who take clients out to dinner are people who probably believe the line between business and pleasure […]

I was recently speaking with a coaching prospect who wants to take his freelance business full-time. I asked him what some of his concerns were and the first thing he said was he wasn’t sure how to negotiate his rates. Truthfully, this is a pretty common concern across industries. It’s also common among the regularly […]

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