We’re well into April already, which means we’ve just entered the second quarter of the fiscal year. This also makes it a great time to do a quarterly review for your freelance business. Don’t do a quarterly review for your business? Well, you probably should. Here’s why quarterly reviews are so important and how to […]

Having the proper equipment and office supplies for your small business is vital. And what goes better with a new stack of office supplies than a big fat discount on them? If you’re looking to stock up on all things home office, then take stock in these tips. 1. Jumpstart discounts before you shop. If you’re […]

If you’re thinking of getting a business loan to start or help grow your business, there are several steps you should take first before making the commitment. Many people view business loans as a positive investment to make in their futures, but business loans can often be quite large and thus, lead you to incur […]

Automatic Sales Funnel

In order to run any business, you need to have a good understanding of sales and a sales funnel. Unfortunately, there is no “build it and they will come” business and freelancing is no exception. Instead, you need to learn how to move prospects and leads through a sales funnel that eventually gets you paid. […]

Many of us want to be successful and respected leaders in our fields. Even if you aren’t a leader of a huge company, or even if only a few paople look up to you as a leader, the bottom line is that some people are turning to you for ideas, help, and direction. As you […]

Growing your Business at Events

When I started my blogging business back in 2010, there weren’t many in-person networking events filled with either prospective clients or people just like me. Fast forward a few years and now it seems like these kinds of events are popping up everywhere – from blogging conferences to freelancer co-working days. I also admit that […]

When you first start your business, there is a good chance you’re bootstrapping. You end up doing a lot of things on your own and looking for creative ways to save money. DIY business solutions seem like the clear winner for many entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves. However, at some point, it becomes necessary to looking […]

The bigger my business gets, the more it costs. This is a common thing I hear among freelancers of all kinds as they build their businesses from zero to six figure revenue. Many of these costs are unexpected freelancing expenses that we didn’t account for when we first started our businesses. How could we? Half […]

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