The end of the year is upon us, which means the end of year business tax frenzy is in full swing. From now until April, business owners across America will be stressing out about their April 15th federal tax return deadline. The easiest way to avoid the mayhem is to find a good accountant. If […]

As a successful entrepreneur, there is a good chance that you will travel for your business. While business travel can provide you with a way to make connections, network, and boost your profile, it can also disrupt your schedule. I know that when I travel, I run the risk of falling behind with my client […]

When I was first starting my freelancing career a few years ago the online advice at the time was to join professional associations for freelancers. This included editorial associations and perhaps even unions. The idea here is that professional associations for freelancers give you access to things you may not be able to get otherwise […]

In 2013, Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, gave billion-dollar startups a special name, the “Unicorn Club.” Lee defines this exclusive club as “U.S.-based software companies started since 2003 and valued at over $1 billion by public or private market investors.” At the time of her TechCrunch article, there were only 39 companies included in […]

Everyone is always talking about how social media is a must when running any sort of business. Your online branding matters; as does your ability to connect with clients and customers. In fact, as much as we like to complain about it, there is an increasing need for freelancers to start using social media effectively. […]

When you ask most people why they go into business for themselves, they usually cite flexibility as one of the main reasons. People like having control over their work and time and a flexible work like allows them to do that. However, a flexible work life still needs some structure in order for things to […]

Launching a business requires hard work, organization, and the right tools in your startup belt. But one overlooked component is which language will be spoken at your company. Selecting the right common language, or lingua franca, can help employees collaborate more efficiently and increase productivity since it will make hiring, training and evaluating talent easier. […]

Part of the beauty of freelancing is location independence. As long as you have a laptop and a wifi connection, you can work from home, the coffee shop or anywhere in the world. However, as anyone who primarily works from home can tell you, sometimes working from home comes with some significant challenges. As a […]

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