When I first started as a freelancer online, pretty much the only way to get paid was with PayPal. I loved accepting PayPal because it allowed me to work from home and see the money immediately. No waiting for a check. Today, the fees are starting to get a little annoying. Plus, as more people […]

If you’ve ever really thought about what money actually is, you’ll realise there are major shortcomings with our current system – and also significant challenges to bitcoin adoption. The two systems are now taking their first tentative steps towards one another, with the intention of mutually benefiting from the strengths of each whilst avoiding some […]

Whether it’s mobile payments, P2P transactions, or some other financial innovation, it’s obvious Fintech is growing fast!  Knowing what’s happening, getting information, and networking has never been so important in this young industry.  Below, you’ll find your guide to Fintech in 2017. Emerging Markets Africa and India are the real untapped markets Fintech is rapidly […]

The blockchain industry is growing at a rapid pace and may one day be the backbone of most global networks. According to Moore’s Law, technology is evolving at an exponential rate, which is making our devices more efficient and cost effective. The average smart phone now has more processing power than NASA’s computers in the […]

A little while ago, R3 was like Mel Gibson’s Nick Marshall in What Women Want. It was the alpha male of the blockchain world, Wall Street’s gift to distributed ledger technology. The company exuded confidence, capable of seducing techies and finance types in equal measure. The sky was the limit and the world its oyster. […]

Bitcoin is a relatively new form of currency that is just beginning to hit the mainstream, but many people still don’t understand why they should make an effort to use it. Bitcoin was one of the biggest leaps in technology since the inception of the Internet, hailing the new era of digital money, disrupting industries […]

There is some amazing technology being developed by blockchain startups, but the reality is that the first mass-market applications will use very little of it. In fact, the earliest big use-cases are likely to be nothing more than what bitcoin, the very first blockchain protocol, has offered all along. Businesses do not need complex functionality. […]

When bitcoin first arrived in 2009 it also brought along a source code dubbed the blockchain along for the long ride. The blockchain, which is a virtual, shared ledger, has since disrupted not only the payment industry, but also businesses across multiple industries. In fact, these disruptions are so beneficial for businesses that it’s surprising […]

You’ve been hearing it everywhere now. Blockchain this. Blockchain that. But what are the real-world applications of blockchain? The following are six blockchain applications currently being used: 1.Decentralized exchanges Traditionally, exchanges require an intermediary such as a broker to match buyers and sellers. With the blockchain, the need for 3rd party arbiter is obsolete. Orders to […]

As history tells, there has always been a type of physical currency. Be it gold or silver, the barter system, or the dollars of today, there is always an item that has value attached to it used in purchasing or obtaining items. People are now using debit cards, which allows you to have the same […]

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