We hear a lot about blockchain these days. Most of what we hear, however, has to do with cryptocurrencies. But there’s a lot more to blockchain than that. In fact, when it comes to blockchain for business, there are increasing numbers of applications to help things run smoother. You might be surprised at the ways […]

web security

At the recent LendIt USA conference in New York, experts from around the world gathered and spoke about a variety of topics. One topic that emerged as a front-and-center leader in financial technology advancement is Blockchain. Originally created as part of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain has come to the forefront as a powerful technology that […]


Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology behind it, didn’t disrupt the world as was initially thought when Satoshi Nakamoto published his invention in 2009. More recently, however, digital currency, the IoT, and the blockchain have become some of the most widely discussed buzzwords — not only in the payment industry, but across multiple industries. In fact, […]

Bitcoin & Blockchain

Over the last couple of years digital currencies like bitcoin have captured the imaginations of everyone from investors to business owners. And, thanks to advocacy groups and more than the 100,000 businesses who accept bitcoin, we can expect even more awareness and acceptance of digital currencies. But, you can’t discuss these digital currencies without mentioning […]

The blockchain entered the spotlight

When it comes to generating buzz, it’s hard to beat blockchain. While many of us think of payment applications and cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), the reality is that there’s more to blockchain. Blockchain has business potential beyond just providing new types of currencies. While payment is a big part of it, there are also applications like […]

Working with international clients.

More and more companies, small and large, are venturing abroad, and for good reason; doing so gives a business access to untapped markets, diverse talent, and provides a hedge against the economic uncertainty that you are exposed to operating in only one country. As businesses continue going global however, they often find that the global […]


Blockchain, the public ledger underpinning of digital currencies like Bitcoin, is poised to transform the way we do business. Cryptocurrency, once an obscure tool embraced primarily by those interested in anonymous, even shady transactions, is becoming increasingly mainstream, as individuals and businesses embrace it for a wide variety of reasons. If you aren’t using digital […]

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

If you read any of the blog posts here, it is easy to see that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Dash are fascinating subjects that are becoming more and more popular.  Understanding these new digital currencies, how we can use them in our daily lives, and how they will affect global commerce are extremely important timely […]

If you are a small company, how you receive payments is a critical but often overlooked component of your business. Failing to take receipt of payments into account can slow down the speed at which your customers pay their bills, and seriously disrupt your cash flow. The perceived lack of convenience can also turn customers […]


Bitcoin’s capacity is currently seven transactions per second. If cryptocurrency is going to be widely adopted, it needs a different approach. Blockchains are a remarkable invention. They work by sharing every transaction with every member of the network. It’s easy to check an operation but hard to add a new one – and all but […]

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