evolution of bitcoin

Right now, Bitcoin looks a little out of control. Even though there are plenty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts excited to watch Bitcoin hit $10,000, there are also plenty of skeptics concerned that we’re moving into bubble territory. With so much excitement around Bitcoin’s value, it’s easy to forget that there are other uses for blockchain. In […]

The Potential of the Blockchain Will Be Recognized

Blockchain rose to fame as the underlying system behind Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies, but Blockchain has many potential uses that extend far beyond digital money. From the stock market to the bank, Blockchain may be the future of finance and financial technology. Blockchain has so many interesting applications that hundreds of companies have popped […]


Blockchain gets a lot of press these days. We like to read about how blockchain currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are rocketing higher in value. However, not all the developments are about cryptocurrencies. There are other opportunities. Blockchain also offers different application possibilities. Smart contracts and other transactions, from financial to real estate, can be […]

Bitcoin And The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Investing is one of the best things you can do to provide financial security for your future. One good reason to invest is so that you can retire comfortably and still have income. Another is to ensure you can provide for yourself and your life partner should something happen to either of you. But should […]

The Potential of the Blockchain Will Be Recognized

Blockchain is a relatively new way of securing transactions through decentralization. It is a kind of digital record using cryptography to keep transactions secure. Because transactions are done over multiple computers instead of just one server it is much more difficult to change, hack, or forge. While many think of blockchain application more for monetary […]


Dubai is moving to become a fintech hub in the Middle East (and beyond). Dubai embraces blockchain technology for various financial transactions. Blockchain is increasingly recognized for its potential in the world of business and finance. It offers more than just cryptocurrency investments. Indeed, Dubai is allowing for real estate sales entirely in Bitcoin. Plus, […]

tezos blockchain cryptocurrency

Blockchain is a now-well-known disruptor. After all, it’s changing the way we think about payment systems, currency, and contracts. From banking to supply chain management, blockchain technology is changing how we think about the world and different types of transactions. But a coming platform could disrupt blockchain. It’s called Tezos. It’s supposed to offer some […]


If you are familiar with the term “blockchain” then you are ahead of some people. Blockchain uses cryptography to create a digital record of transactions. These monetary exchanges are secure because they are decentralized. To put it more simply, transactions involving money are secure through their code and because they are done over multiple computers […]

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