Did you know that bitcoin uses a scripting system internally to create transactions? If so, then consider the next couple of sentences a review. For those who aren’t familiar with bitcoin scripting, it’s a simple programming language that is stack-based and processed from left to right. This means that each data, input or output is […]

Did you know that in 2015 Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain-related startups raised over $1 billion in total investments? That’s an impressive increase from the $347 million invested that industry enjoyed in 2014. Even more impressive is the fact major organizations, such as American Express, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, MasterCard and the New York Stock Exchange, have […]


Out of the mobile payment trends that we’re bound to witness in the immediate future, there is one trend that offers an almost endless amount of possibilities for an industry that it’s expected to triple. And, that’s the blockchain. Despite the growth and benefits that mobile payments provide, there are still a handful of problems […]

blockchain mobile payments

Two of the most interesting, and booming, developments in the payments industry are mobile payments and the rise of the blockchain. But, what happens when these two trends combine in order to make a more secure, speedy, and effective way to pay for goods and transfer funds? Here’s a look at eight ways that the […]

Hacking isn’t what it used to be. Many people associate hacking with an awkward teen, sitting in his room attempting to break into a government website just to see if he can. If your perception of hacking is a bit more sophisticated, you might imagine a black hat hacker distributing malicious code, or even a […]

Thanks to the endless amounts of possibilities that the blockchain presents there’s little-to-no-doubt that it’s bound to become the next big thing. One area that blockchain technology will greatly impact is the payment industry. Between removing third parties, making peer-to-peer transfers more convenient, and a focus on security, it’s easy to understand why people are […]

Apple and the blockchain have had an interesting relationship over the last couple of years. After initially allowing blockchain wallets in the Apple Store, the Cupertino-based tech giant removed cryptocurrency wallets and bitcoin-trading apps in early 2014 without explanation. Six months later, Apple changed course and allowed these apps back into the App Store in […]

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