If you want to start a business, you’ve probably thought of using your savings, asking friends and family for help, putting expenses on your credit card, and applying for a traditional bank loan. The first two options work well, provided you’ve got a little socked away and your nearest and dearest believe in your dreams […]

While not all accountants are created equal, the good ones can actually help you with more than you think as it pertains to your business. In fact, my accountant is practically my business consultant too. He’s also come to the rescue whenever one of my clients makes a mistake on a tax form. Here are […]

As a freelancer, taxes can be a tough responsibility to handle. Between tracking your business finances, filing the right tax forms, and paying what you owe, taxes are a lot of work. But planning ahead and knowing your basic tax obligations is not too big of a challenge to wrap your arms around. Follow along […]

No matter what kind of business you are in, or whether you’re a nonprofit or a for-profit corporation, paying bills is a big part of doing business. In fact, if you cannot effectively pay your bills, chances are your business is not going to be that successful. If you establish effective accounts payable management procedures and […]

Pricing Comparisons

When money is tight and you’re focused on beefing up your savings, the last thing that you want to do is spend more money. However, there are circumstances when spending money can actually help you save money in the long-run, like in the following six examples. Quality Over Quantity As any wealthy individual knows, there’s […]

Speed Up Payments

Whether you are a startup or an established business, cash flow is critical. Getting your customers to pay bills for services rendered isn’t just about making a profit; customer revenue is what helps you make payroll, pay vendors, and keep the lights on. Failing to promptly collect payment can disrupt all of the aforementioned activities, […]

If you’ve been hesitant to accept electronic payments, let me welcome you into the 21st century and assuage your fears. Not only are electronic payments a fast, secure way to get paid, but they’re more convenient for your customers, who aren’t carrying around wads of cash. When it’s easier for your customers to pay, they’re […]

Regulated and Unregulated Debit

For years retailers lobbied Congress to regulate the fees, known as “interchange” or “swipe fees,” that Visa and MasterCard, as well as their issuing financial institutions, charged merchants whenever credit cards were used. In this pos we will teach you what your business needs to understand about Regulated and Unregulated Debit for Merchant Card Processing. Following the […]

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