The idea of investing in your business is something every freelancer and business owner has to deal with at some point. In fact, I would venture to say it’s something we need to deal with multiple times. It’s also a topic that is coming up a lot lately. I recently went to a lunch with […]

Why Business Owners Should Accept Credit Cards

I once had to lovingly push one of my business coach clients to accept credit cards as a freelancer. At this point in his business, he was still accepting checks or cash as a form of payment. Their reasoning? They didn’t want to deal with fees. The way the saw it, if they chose to accept […]

Here’s a secret from the world of personal finance: retiring early, becoming a millionaire, or reaching financial independence has everything to do with how much money you save. In fact, your savings rate is arguably more important than how much money you make. After all, there’s no point in making more money if you’re spending […]

I pay someone else to prepare my taxes. I’ve done this for the last eight years or so. As my tax situation — business arrangements, investments — became more complex, I realized I needed help. Paying someone else to take care of the taxes has been great because it saves me time, and as we […]

As a small business there is one entity that you never want to cross paths with; the IRS. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re not entitled to any tax deductions. In fact, there a number of tax deductions that you as a small business are eligible for if you meet the guidelines established by the […]

The end of the year is upon us, which means the end of year business tax frenzy is in full swing. From now until April, business owners across America will be stressing out about their April 15th federal tax return deadline. The easiest way to avoid the mayhem is to find a good accountant. If […]

payment trends

This past year the payment industry saw remarkable advances in technology that have made transferring funds and accepting payments incredibly easy – think of the convenience of Apple and Samsung. As we get ready to welcome 2016, we can expect these payment trends to become even more common and efficient. But, there’s some other interesting payment […]

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