Vantiv is making payments smarter, faster and easier for our merchants, financial institutions, and developers, as well as the consumers they serve. From the largest retailers in the U.S. to the coffee shop down the street, we are leading the transformation in payments.

Credit Card Processing Scams - Causes chargeback

Fraud remains a top concern for consumers and businesses alike—and the concern is warranted. According to the LexisNexis 2016 True Cost of Fraud study, every $1.00 of fraud costs U.S. merchants $2.40. Fraud losses totaled 1.47 percent in revenue in 2015, up from 0.51 percent in 2013. Behind these statistics are numerous credit card processing […]

Instant ePayments

It’s no secret that the payments ecosystem is in what appears to be a constant state of considerable change. What’s the challenge? Carefully balancing regulatory mandates with evolving consumer expectations. When thinking about the future of payments, here are some things to keep in mind. Connected Let’s face it. Consumers are connected. With nearly infinite […]

Sell to Millennials

Millennials, born 1981-1997, now number greater than 75 million and have become the largest living population, according to recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Needless to say, they are a very important retail segment. Retailers need to pay special attention to this group and even consider new marketing tactics as Millennials differ quite a bit […]

Facts about Payment Processing

According to a recent Gallup poll, the majority of Americans expect the U.S. to be a cashless society in their lifetime. They believe all transactions will be made using credit and debit cards along with other forms of electronic payments. This view seems realistic judging by the rapid growth in credit and debit card usage. […]

how payments work

You work incredibly hard to offer great products or services. The last thing you want is to lose customers at the point of sale, whether at your store, online or anywhere else. That’s why it’s critical to make sure the payment process is as easy as possible for your customer. Here are a few simple […]

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